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weight is over Meet the couple who 're-ignited' their relationship after losing 17 stone over lockdown

Duo team up for massive weight loss during lockdown



Nicola and Chris Guilfoyle lost an astonishing 17 stone in weight between them

1-4-2021 Nicola and Chris Guilfoyle lost an astonishing 17 stone in weight between them

1-4-2021 Nicola and Chris Guilfoyle lost an astonishing 17 stone in weight between them

A couple who lost a mind-blowing 17 stone between them have said their mammoth weight loss has reignited their relationship.

Nicola and Chris Guilfoyle, both 36, shed a combined 17 stone after they committed to a healthy new lifestyle.

The couple from Clonmel, Co Tipperary, joined Slimming World in January 2020 and are now urging couples to beat the bulge.

"At one point I weighed in at 22 stone and Chris was over 18 stone.


Nicola and Chris before their weight loss

Nicola and Chris before their weight loss

Nicola and Chris before their weight loss

"We have lost 17 stone, but we have gained a happier relationship, new friends and our health," said Nicola who is mum to Charlie (17), Deborah (11) and Eden (8).

Nicola, who charts the couple's journey on her personal Instagram page @nicola_gets_slim, is now inspiring others to transform their lives for the better.

"We used to call each other the Klumps - let's call a spade a spade, we knew we were fat and we loved food.

"This is how big we were; we couldn't even sit beside each other on a plane. I had to sit beside the two girls because they are small so I had more bum room."

Reflecting on their journey, the devoted mum and fitness enthusiast added: "There is over 17 stone less in our bed, our springs were coming through the mattress. I was afraid we were going to come through the roof into the sitting room.

"Even in the car you would have felt the weight of us weighing the car down."

Nicola, who is now an avid exerciser, said their weight also infringed on their sex life.


A changed woman

A changed woman

A changed woman

"Two bellies in the bedroom doesn't work. Realistically, two fat people can't have sex comfortably. I was 22-and-a-half stone and he was over 18 stone.

"When you are overweight that side of things is an effort because you are lethargic because of the food you are eating - it can become a chore.

"That's serious weight and now it's like Fifty Shades of Grey. It has ignited our relationship.

"We always loved each other but marriages take a lot of work, a lot of give and take - it has changed things for us in the most positive way."

The couple are now thriving but admit that they fell into a rut and made poor food choices over the course of their 10-year marriage.

"We were not depressed over our size because we are both upbeat people, we didn't wallow in self-pity.

"We are rational and knew we were that size because of the food we ate - we were inflicting it on each other every time we said, 'Let's get sweets and a takeaway tonight'."

The couple also admit to saving €16,000 in 16 months since binning booze and fast food.

"I would cook dinner and then we would say, 'let's get a kebab, let's get McDonald's. We spent €200 on fast food and alcohol a week, the money we have saved has been phenomenal."

But the biggest takeaway for Nicola and her husband is the quality time they now enjoy with their children.

"One of us would have clocked out eventually, drinking and eating the way we did, so we knew we had to make a change for ourselves and the kids.

"We were always hands-on parents but now we can take part. There was once a time when we would sit on our arses looking at the kids playing but now we do family hikes and be the active parents we always wanted to be.

"We would have gone to trampoline places and activity centres and even though Chris was big he still would have gone on things but his top would be riding over his stomach and he would have been mortified. That is gone now. Now the kids can't keep up with us on hikes. Even my youngest says, 'walking is good for your mind'.

Having dropped the bulk of their weight during lockdown Nicola and Chris both agree that there has been a silver lining to the pandemic.

"Covid has been so positive for us as a family because we are doing it together and it truly has been life changing. We really do motivate each other and push each other forward.


The couple spurred each other on to drop the pounds

The couple spurred each other on to drop the pounds

The couple spurred each other on to drop the pounds

"Myself and Chris spend so much more time together. I think you do drift apart unless you make the effort. The children were always our number one priority and still are, the difference is now we also make ourselves a priority. We should have done it years ago.

"Chris was a size 44 in trouser and is now a size 32. I am just so proud of everything he has achieved."

They may be supportive but the loved-up couple admit that there can also be some rivalry when it comes to weigh day.

"He does have some head on him when I lose more weight," laughed Nicola. "He would say, 'I ate the same as you, you're smuggling stuff into my food.'

"Two people can consume the exact amount of food and lose differently, we are all programmed differently so you should never compare yourself."

Praising their local Slimming World group and consultant Siobhan, Nicola and Chris are urging men to sign up.

"Siobhan is so motivating and so supportive. So many people think it's not for men, but it absolutely is. The support and the group setting is just unparalleled.

"Men feel they can't join these groups but that is not the case, it's also about giving your kids a healthy approach to food. Men have joined in our town because of Chris.

"Do it together and you won't fail. You are stronger as a team."

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