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set goals Blogger Maeve Madden shares her six top fitness tips for the New Year


Maeve Madden

Maeve Madden

Maeve Madden

In the first of a four-part series exclusive to Sundayworld.com, Irish fitness blogger Maeve Madden shares her top tips on fitness and nutrition.

Here, she reveals why you should ditch the ‘quick fix diets and skinny teas that make you poop.’

Diet culture marketing is so powerful as we enter the New Year. Right now we are bombarded by quick fix diets, cleanses and skinny teas that just make you poop and then there’s the overwhelming guilt to exercise.

Suddenly we believe that we have to start every day with a green juice, 5k run and fast.

With years of experience I can tell you that this kind of lifestyle causes more harm than good. It's time to stick your middle finger up to the extreme nonsense that does not work and try something that is sustainable.

I am a firm believer that the New Year is the perfect time to start new habits and to focus on the things that make us happy in life.

What does work?

I use January as a time to get back into my routine, to set some realistic goals to improve my physical and mental wellbeing.

For me personally fitness has always been a big positive for my mental health. I started my Queens Don’t Quit online platform with this in mind in March 2020.

I wanted to make exercise both fun and accessible from the comfort of your living room, for all ages and abilities, regardless of whether you’re 16 or 70.

What 2021 will bring to you depends a whole lot on what you will bring to the year.

Fit is not a destination it's a way of life. The worst thing you can do is think of working out like a chore, no one likes doing that.

This is why I created my fitness platform. 10 min - 60 min workouts, no matter your ability, there is something for everyone whether your goal is to try yoga, get strong, improve your fitness, or begin to meditate we can give you all that and more in our community.


Maeve Madden

Maeve Madden

Maeve Madden

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If you want to get moving now, here are my top tips:

  1. Schedule/routine : When we build routine, it becomes habit and it is much easier to fit our workouts in when they are scheduled into our diary. Training in the morning 3-4 times a week can set you up for the day while making sure any social plans or late nights in the office don't take away from workout time. You do not have to train every day, 3-4 sessions a week is such a sweet spot. If you are in major shock adjusting to a new work routine, try 2 days a week, lock those days in and stick to it.
  2. Commit to half. That's right, half the workout is better than no workout. I always say, put the workout on, start with 15min goal in mind and usually, by the time you’ve got halfway through, the endorphins have kicked in, you start to feel good. You only fail when you stop trying.
  3. Challenge your Queens: Reach out to others for support. grab your friends, start a forum chat, challenge each other to do the workouts together. It's always fun and motivating when you have a motivation buddy.
  4. Write down your goals: keep reminding yourself and looking at those mini goals along the path.
  5. Tailor your workouts to what you enjoy. Your workout is not a chore, it should be a fun. If you have a super busy week ahead, plan your workout schedule. Get that 20 min Hiit in, or 30 min strength day. There are always opportunities for you to get in some movement.

  6. In 2021 we will give up, giving up. Make yourself proud.

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