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Pretty woman Dear Angela: I want to settle down with my regular escort

"We went out for dinner and then a few drinks. I paid for everything, but at the end of the night she still wanted €100 for sex"


Sex workers rely on their jobs too

Sex workers rely on their jobs too

Sex workers rely on their jobs too

Sort your sexual problems with honest and practical tips from Dr Angela Brokmann

Dear Angela,

For the last three months I (50) have been seeing an escort every Wednesday night.

She's giving me a special rate because I'm a regular and because she really likes me. I like her as well - I actually like her so much that I want her to be my girlfriend.

She agreed to go on a proper date with me. We went out for dinner and then a few drinks. I paid for everything, but at the end of the night she still wanted €100 for sex.

I was so disappointed. I thought if we started dating she would stop charging me for sex.

I also want her to stop sleeping with other men, but she says it's her job and that she needs the money.

Will she ever change her ways for me?

Answer: The woman you're seeing is a prostitute - offering sex for money is how she makes a living, and it will take more than just one date with you to change that.

Maybe she wants to keep working as an escort, or maybe she'd like to get out but can't afford it financially.

Have a serious chat with her to find out how she feels about her situation, and how she feels about you.

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If she's interested in a relationship with you, make it clear that you'd expect her to stop her escort work.

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