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sex talk Ask Dr Angela: How can I get my husband to be interested in sex again?


'My husband has no interest in sex anymore.'

'My husband has no interest in sex anymore.'

'My husband has no interest in sex anymore.'

My husband (57) has no interest in sex anymore. It's been almost a year since we last made love and it can't go on like this. I (51) thought that I could maybe treat my husband to something new and exciting to win him back, but he's not kinky-minded and I'm a bit stuck for ideas.

My sister suggested I should surprise him with tantric sex; she said it worked for her when she was going through a bad patch in her marriage. Should I give it a try?


If you want to treat your husband to something exciting, then tantric sex is not exactly the best choice. Tantric sex is slow and sensuous; it's about sharing love and intimacy, and involves special breathing techniques, meditation and massage.

Tantric love can be extremely fulfilling, but it's aimed at patient souls and is certainly not to everybody's taste. If you'd like to get your sex life back on track, there are much easier and more promising approaches.

Surprise your husband in sexy lingerie; it's a bit cliché, but works. Touch him up, get on top to seduce him - it doesn't have to be kinky to be good. If you'd rather try tantric sex, get an illustrated book, bring it to bed and invite your husband to study the book with you.

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