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'Accidental Soberista' Kate Gunn’s top tips for tackling Dry January head on

Here's how you can enjoy an alcohol free January
Clodagh Meaney

Author of Accidental Soberista Kate Gunn has shared her top tips for tackling Dry January head on.

Kate, who works as a social media strategist, gave up alcohol for a 30 day challenge five years ago and has never looked back.

As many people overindulge in alcohol over the festive period, it’s no surprise that an increasingly health conscious public have helped Dry January to rise in popularity.

The aim of the month is to abstain from drinking alcohol, with people choosing to do so for many different reasons such as improving their health and wellbeing, saving money and to lose weight.

“My first tip is to give it a go! It might be something brilliant. When I did it in the past, I absolutely hated it because January is so crap anyway. Whereas the [second] time I went into it, it was with a shifted mindset.”

Instead of focusing on the deprivation of what you’re missing out on, Kate says to switch your focus to what you will gain from it.

Her second tip is to do some sort of physical challenge to compliment your new alcohol-free life.

“Do some sort of physical challenge that is a little bit beyond what your capable of at the moment.”

“What that does is gives you a focus, during the week and on the weekends, of something that you're working towards.”

Kate also advises buying the alcohol free version of your favourite tipple.

“There’s loads of different types on the market now, Prosecco, white wines, beers. Have a bit of fun. Get a couple in and see what you like best.

“They are brilliant to have in the fridge for a Friday night when you just fancy a grown up drink!

“They’re a great way of tricking your mind.”

But don’t go it alone either, Kate says you’re more likely to succeed if you have a buddy on board so that you can encourage each other.

When it comes to the benefits of going sober, the mother of three said there is advantages to be had in every aspect of your life.

“A month is long enough for you to feel the physical benefits, and it’s different for everyone. So some people might find that their sleep is actually more disturbed at first before they get into the rhythm of it, but your sleep will improve.

“Your skin will improve, your eyes will get brighter, you’ll have much more energy, and your mind will be clearer.”

When you give up the sauce, you may find others asking questions about why you’re not drinking, or even trying to pressure you into having a glass.

Dealing with them Kate says when it comes to pushing back, it is all down to being firm.

“Be matter of fact about it. Say to them ‘I’m doing this for 90 days to lose weight’, or ‘for my mental health’, or whatever it is so people can’t argue back on that.”

“There will be people who push back against it but that says more about them than it does about you.

“Probably, they would like to be in your situation but feel that they can’t.

“The ones who really push it - ignore them, let it go because.”

Accidental Soberista by Kate Gunn is available in all good bookstores now.

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