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Special delivery Miss Ireland winner Chelsea Farrell 'was an emotional wreck' delivering her first baby as a student midwife

Chelsea also revealed that social media trolls have told her to 'jump off a bridge'


Chelsea Farrell

Chelsea Farrell

Chelsea Farrell

Miss Ireland Chelsea Farrell is over the moon after she delivered her first baby on her own as a student midwife.

The 20-year-old Louth woman has had to ‘witness’ births up until now but on Friday she was responsible for her first delivery.

“I’m finished all my witness births, you have to witness a certain amount before you can actually get hands on so I had my first hands-on on Friday,” an excited Chelsea tells the Sunday World.

“It was so overwhelming, I was an emotional wreck. But it was lovely, just perfect to be involved in it. There was two of us, there was another student midwife to help me along with it as well.”

Chelsea helped deliver a little girl.

“I did cry, I always do, but this was extra special as it was my first one hands on,” she said

“Every time I see a baby being born I still cry, so I’m starting to get used to that aspect of it, but it’s only normal. Obviously it’s such a beautiful experience.”

Chelsea, who is from Ardee, has a busy routine.

“I’m still a student midwife but because everywhere is so shortstaffed I have to help out a lot, “ she explains.

“From Tuesday I can do a lot more because I have my witness ones finished."

Chelsea will appear on Virgin Media’s ‘Eating with the enemy’ programme next week, in which she dines with feisty marketing and PR guru Aileen Eglington.

Aileen is shocked to hear social media influencer Chelsea reveal to her that trolls have told her to go ‘kill’ herself.

“One person told me to go and jump off a bridge,” she confesses. “Then I was told I had a face that belonged on the bottom of the ocean.

“One day I was sitting on a wall with a friend in Blackrock, near Dundalk. I was just sitting there having an icecream. I got a message saying ‘you’d look better if I pushed you off that wall’. I was like ‘what?’.

“It’s not as intense at the minute, but I think it’s because I’m not as active on social media as I used to.

“But obviously there is still the odd one here on there. They’re always fake profiles, which just screams cowardly. They are making endless fake profiles to abuse someone and attack someone. That is the way anyone should be expected to be treated. At the minute it’s not too bad but it’s still there.”

She believes the motivation is jealousy.

“I personally think it all stems from jealousy and in a way they have so much wrong in their lives that they can sit back and anonymously attack me for no reason, so I do think it all stems to jealousy,” she stresses.

“Obviously being in the industry I’m in its expected that we’re going to get criticism and not everyone is going to like me. But you can’t please everybody.

“At the same time we should not have to take abuse and death threats and all of this from these nasty people, and I do think that the likes of Instagram and Facebook need to step in and give more protection to people being targeted."

Most of the trolls are fake keyboard warriors.

“I have one person and I knew it was the same person as the wording and spelling of everything was the same and there were 17 different profiles,” she reveals.

“I was like ‘how can one person make 17 fake profiles and get away with it’

“That kind of stuff, not only does it hurt but its very intimidating and that’s why social media companies need to step in and try and stop this sort of stuff happening.”

Chelsea also revealed she’s still single.

“I’m single and happy out at the minute,” she smiles. “If I’d to pick a famous Irish guy to go on a date with it would have to be either Niall Horan or Greg O’Shea. “

‘Eating With The Enemy’ airs on Virgin Media One on Wednesday at 9pm.

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