11 ft snake found in car engine

11 ft snake found in car engine

A giant python has been found hiding in the engine of someone's car in Florida.

The 11-ft slithery snake was caught by police after a college student spotted the creature making its way underneath his roommate's motor and was told by an exterminator that it was too late to send someone to remove the animal.

Ross Price told The Sun Sentinel: "I'm used to seeing snakes, but nothing that big. You just don't expect something like that wandering around your house."

Three members of the police unit spent 15 minutes trying to coax the snake out of the engine before they managed to get it out and handed it over to Strictly Reptiles.

James Hand - who owned the car - said: "I thought about it later. What if it had crawled up into my car and made its way inside as I was driving?...I don't want to think about it."