Irish punters splashing out on supercars for first time since recession

Irish punters splashing out on supercars for first time since recession

More than five times as many high end motors were registered in Ireland last year compared to 2011.

With the economy improving and house prices rocketing upwards again, you can’t blame the average person for worrying that another bust could be on its way.

However, those at the top of the economic pecking order, peering out through the sash windows of their red brick Victorian homes in south Dublin, have far less to worry about as they once again crack open their buxom wallets and splash the cash on top end motors.



One recession-proof punter picked up a Maserati in poverty stricken 2011 , now six years later that number has doubled, with two of the Italian supercars registered in Ireland.



In 2011 Lotus didn’t sell one car in Ireland, but times have changed and last year three of the nimble British sports cars were registered here.

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Three Irish connoisseurs registered custom Caterham sportscars in Ireland last year, compared to none in the recession.  



Four tuxedo clad Irish petrol-heads have picked up the choice whip of 007 this year. No Astons were registered in 2011.



Somehow four people managed to pony up the cash to buy a Bentley back in 2011 and five more joined the illustrious club last year with nine registered.



In 2016 there were nine new owners of the world’s most famous, prancing horse clad, supercar in 2015, compared to zero in 2011.

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There were three Porsches sold and 40 imported during the recession compared to last year where 70 were bought and 51 were imported.



593 people picked up a luxury Lexus last year compared to 412 during the recession



Irish punters were purring for Jags last year with 556 sold compared to just 128 in 2011.