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Horror crime Trio jailed for robbing Irish teacher at knifepoint in Dubai


Yachts at Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Yachts at Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Yachts at Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Three men have been jailed by in Dubai for breaking into a villa and robbing an Irish teacher at knifepoint.

The court heard how the three men, all Pakistani nationals who are aged between 30 and 36-years-old, broke into the villa on August 16 and robbed a teacher and her daughters of a total of Dh1,300 (€298).

According to local a report in the Khaleej Times, another man, described as 'an accomplice', remains at large

The court sentenced two of the defendants to three years in jail while their accomplice was given a two-year sentence..

A police sergeant described seeing the teacher crying with her daughters when he arrived at the crime scene..

“She said that some thieves attacked her and her daughters. Through investigation, we identified the suspects, including persons who had previously visited the villa with the help of the gardener.”

The sergeant said the two men admitted to the crime after he confronted them

“They entered through the main door that was unlocked. One of them held one of the daughters while another threatened the teacher with a knife and forced her to lead them to the cash,” the police officer said.

The thieves left the villa after threatening the teacher not to call the police.

The teacher, a 58-year-old, said that she was in the kitchen around noon when she heard the front door being opened. “I went to check around and found a man wearing a mask in the house. I was so shocked that I fell down. I gave him whatever money I had in my purse and asked him not to hurt us.”

She said that a thief threatened her daughter with a stick. “The thieves went upstairs looking for money. After they left, my daughter reported the incident to the police.”

During the public prosecution investigation, two defendants admitted to have planned to target the villa and split the money later.

They purchased masks and were given a ride by an accomplice. They got away with the money after threatening the teacher and her daughters with a knife.

The men will also be deported at the end of their jail terms and have been ordered to pay a Dh1,300 fine.

The defendants can appeal the ruling within 15 days.

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