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shock evidence Dutch cops reveal details of gangland 'torture' chamber


Torture chamber in Holland

Torture chamber in Holland

Torture chamber in Holland

Chilling new evidence has emerged in a case involving the discovery of seven shipping containers converted into a gangland torture chamber in the Netherlands.

The Public Prosecution Service brought new reports to the court in Amsterdam on Friday in the case of the Brabant torture containers that were discovered in a police operation earlier this year.

According to prosecutors the new evidence clearly shows that the purpose of the suspects was to kidnap and torture rivals.

Ten suspects in total are accused of “preparing for deprivation of liberty and extortion”.

Robin van O and Roger ‘Piet Costa’ P are said to have had a leading role in setting up and furnishing the torture containers.

One of the co-suspects is Peter van O, the father of Robin van O. According to his lawyer, his client was "nothing more than a simple handyman who thought he was busy furnishing cannabis lofts".

In July, cops found the containers located in Wouwse Plantage, south of Rotterdam, after French police cracked encrypted phones used by criminals.

Dutch police said the containers were found before they were used, and potential victims were now in hiding.

Inside the containers was a dentist chair with straps and handcuffs.

Police also found a building in Rotterdam, which they believe was another criminal base.

The suspects were arrested in June following a Franco-Dutch operation to infiltrate the EncroChat encrypted phone system.

Police intercepted millions of messages including that of one of the suspects, a 40-year-old man from The Hague. Investigators were able to access his contacts via an Encrochat phone.

After locating the containers in April in Wouwse Plantage, near the Belgian border, police put the area under observation and found that multiple men were working on them almost every day. When the containers were almost finished, investigators decided to intervene.

A video posted online by police shows officers arresting the suspects and also entering the containers.

Officers found handcuffs attached to the floors and ceilings of the structures, which had also been soundproofed.

In one container, they also discovered police clothing and bulletproof vests. In another, they located pruning shears, scalpels and balaclavas.

In further evidence heard by the court, it emerged that chilling messages including references to “nippers for fingers and toes”, a “set for nails” and a “grout tub for waterboarding” were exchanged between the gangsters.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, ‘Piet Costa’ would have written via EncroChat under the alias Luxury Balloon to Ibrahim Azaim, who was liquidated in May.

"Place for about ten men. Clean shed, everything comes isolated, they are allowed to scream.”

After the murder of his companion Azaim, ‘Piet Costa’ is said to have written in a chat message: “I'm not normally from this department, but now there are a few… I hope that I can torture them.”

Main suspect Robin van O is also said to have written about the plans.

"Buddy, sooner or later they will all get their turn. How long do they want to hide? When the buses (arrest buses to kidnap rivals) Are there, let's start. No mercy.”

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