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Christy Kinahan snr shuts down online accounts used to spread anti-vax and pro-Putin theories

Another link to Christopher Vincent.com brings users to a page that simply states, ‘coming soon’

Christy Kinahan

Neil Fetherstonhaugh and Nicola Tallant

'Dapper Don' Christy Kinahan Snr has closed down and removed all information from both his LinkedIn account and his consulting website as the net closes in on his gang.

Clicking on a link to the LinkedIn profile for ‘cvincentmarbella’ brings readers to a page saying the media account: 'Does not exist.'

Another link to the website Christopher-vincent.com, where the crime lord had been describing himself as a Senior Consultant, brings users to a page that simply states: "Coming soon."

Veteran trafficker Christy Kinahan snr and his two sons, Daniel and Christy jnr, are said to be furiously trying to move their assets out of Dubai in a desperate bid to hold onto their wealth.

On Thursday, UAE officials froze all assets belonging to the key members of the Kinahan Cartel following a wave of negative publicity after they were sanctioned by the US government.

Last week, the Sunday World revealed how Christy snr had been moonlighting as an aviation broker and running social media accounts as he manages the cartel's finances in the Gulf.

Christy Kinahan snr being arrested in Spain in 2010

The veteran gang boss has been posing as a legitimate businessman while posting prolifically on the social media site, LinkedIn, about everything from the Ukraine war to Russell Brand.

Christy snr had been supporting pro-Russian propaganda and anti-vax theories in daily, and detailed, posts online.

Amongst his many enemies are the 'mainstream media', 'big pharma' and US President Joe Biden, while TD Clare Daly, actor Russell Brand and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin are held out as shining lights.

In a Twitter posting in February, under the handle of @CVBizbroker, the 'Dapper Don' wrote: "I must say that #VladimirPutin puts up an absolutely compelling and coherent argument. It hasn't changed would be that some of our leaders would show themselves to be erudite and well educated in #statecraft #russia #ukraine #nato."

As a tsunami of business shocks hit Kinahan over the last two weeks, his sons and their money launderers after they were hit by US sanctions, 'Senior' began removing all traces of his companies in the UAE, believing they had been missed by law enforcement.

But instead, officers across the globe were watching in amusement as he tried to 'wipe clean' his financial fingerprint and remove evidence of companies like Haizium Trading LLC and Seadream Middle East General Trading LLC and its partners in businesses.

Previous tweets sent out by Christy

Law enforcement sources say while the Kinahan organisation set up a complex web of businesses to move and launder money, they mistakenly used one phone number which links them all. The number is also used by MTK.

Kinahan Snr, desperate to distance himself from his businesses, has even put his domain name, CVK-investments.com, up for sale.

The company has previously announced a joint venture with a Malawian company to operate an air ambulance service.

One by one, websites and accompanying social media platforms came down, but many remained online, including one linked to Christopher Vincent, which declared: "Being in the game is not as important as staying ahead of it."

A screenshot of his LinkedIn page before it was shut down

While Daniel Kinahan brazenly used the sport of boxing in his attempt to sportswash his reputation, his father was a little bit more discreet.

However, the secret world of the 'Dapper Don' was revealed for the first time by Sunday World last week, after we discovered his online network and linked phone numbers and addresses to a string of his companies.

Going by the name Christopher Vincent, the veteran mob boss has been openly operating in Dubai's plush World Central area, claiming to be an aviation broker.

He has also been offering to help clients in a range of areas including banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, consumer goods and insurance, sports, property management and renewable energy.

The cartel chief is a prolific user of the business-based social media site, LinkedIn, where he posts mostly on geopolitics - and is a fan of Russell Brand and MEP Clare Daly.

Christy Kinahan Snr

He regularly posts conspiracy theories about Joe Biden's son, Hunter, as well anti-vax, fringe theories on the Ukrainian war and media "disinformation."

He writes: "I am not claiming that they are right or wrong. I am saying that we have been too quick to accept propaganda aimed at Russia rather than inspect the facts. Nobody it would seem has a franchise on the truth."

Christy Snr is also a fan of comedian Russell Brand, who became a hugely-popular 'contrarian' political commentator on YouTube during the pandemic.

Despite distancing himself from the day-to-day operation of the Kinahan Cartel's drug-trafficking operation, Christy Snr has continued to mastermind the mob's financial operations.

He remains heavily involved in money-laundering for the gang, investing their cash in legitimate and shell businesses across the Middle East. But on his LinkedIn page, the 'Dapper Don' describes himself in formal, 'business speak' - obviously not mentioning his criminal past.

Christy Kinahan

He says: "Currently working between Spain and the Middle East conducting feasibility studies, research and writing reports. Love the concept of crypto-currency, crowd funding and alternative forms of financing."

This week, US officials claimed that disrupting the Kinahan Cartel was an urgent priority for Joe Biden and the US government.

However, the Sunday World can reveal that even before the sanctions were imposed Christy Kinahan Snr was not a fan of the US President.

He also has repeatedly posted about Joe Biden's son, Hunter, and the allegations made against him - a popular talking point in the right-wing media in the US.

"The Hunter Biden laptop story is gathering traction, with Joe Biden on record as having said that the story is "untrue". We cannot say that Biden2020 was elected on a lie, but it's fair to say Joe Biden was elected having told lies."

Earlier this month, the infamous mob boss also took to social media to launch an extensive defence of Dublin MEP Clare Daly after she blasted the EU and NATO for their supplying weapons to Ukraine.

"She has said it all and I totally agree with her assessment."

On Tuesday, the US Department of the Treasury formally sanctioned Christy Snr, who they describe as playing a key role in the KOCG.

"Demonstrative of a long history of criminality, Christopher Sr. has served prison sentences in Ireland, the Netherlands, and Belgium, including: six years for dealing heroin, two-and-a-half years for possession of cocaine, and four years for money laundering.

"During this time he was building a list of contacts that grew to what became known as the KOCG. Christopher Sr.'s sons, Daniel Kinahan and Christopher Jr., now manage his drug trafficking operations while Christopher Sr. oversees the property portions of the enterprise."

Before it was shut down, Sunday World revealed that among the many companies operated by Christy Snr was a consultancy called 'Christopher Vincent Business Broker.'

Amongst his concerns are lockdowns in Vietnam which he says threaten coffee bean shipments, the free trade agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the plight of Russia under sanctions.

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