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'reign of terror' British drugs boss and former boxer could spend life in ‘hell hole’ prison in the Philippines

Police found evidence of his gang after he was arrested for brandishing a gun in a nightclub


Darren Wall may face life behind bars

Darren Wall may face life behind bars

Darren Wall may face life behind bars

A British drug boss is set to spend life in a “hell hole” prison in the Philippines.

Darren Wall, a former boxer from the East end of London, headed up a brutal and violent gang involved in kidnapping, extortion, gunrunning and drug trafficking, say police in Manila.

The 44-year-old known as Jack, after the Union Jack he has tattooed on his neck, moved to Manila five years ago where he lived in a gated community.

He wed a glamorous former bar woman, Khanary Jane Abejo (23), who is almost half his age in October 2021.

The couple were arrested at a nightclub in Manila’s red-light district on March 23rd when Wall was accused of assault and waving a gun in the club.

Found to be carrying a 9mm Beretta pistol and 6g of cocaine, it took six officers to detain him.

Upon his arrest he was being detained in a cramped cell of up 40 inmates at Taguig Southern Police District HQ, Southern Manila.

It was only after his arrest when detectives found evidence against him and his gang, including CCTV footage of them violently beating up people who wouldn’t pay him protection money.


Darren Wall and Khanary Jane Abejo on their wedding day

Darren Wall and Khanary Jane Abejo on their wedding day

Darren Wall and Khanary Jane Abejo on their wedding day

Five police officers from the Philippines National Police are also being investigated as it is suspected they may have been paid off by Wall in the past.

Once news of his arrest got out, a number of people got in touch with police to give further evidence against him.

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Set to go on trial later this year on charges of drug dealing and having an illegal weapon,if convicted he may well be sent to New Bilibid Prison, the most overcrowded jail in the world which is known for its subhuman conditions.

As of November 2021, the prison housed 28,545 inmates, which way exceeds it's capacity of 6,435.

His wife Khanary however faces a lesser charge of “disobeying the police” and may be released from custody within weeks.

Colonel Michael Villanueva, District Chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) told MailOnline that Wall ran his “criminal protection racket through fear.”

“It's unusual for a foreigner, particularly a westerner, to come to the Philippines and become a leading player in the underworld,” he added.

“But now his reign of terror is over. He felt he could do anything because he had paid off policemen. We are investigating five officers, and one is quite senior, a major, but we may yet find his network is even more extensive.

“A lot of money was going through his hands each day – we understand he paid his enforcers and bouncers by the day and he paid off the corrupt officers at the rate of 2,000 pesos (£30) a day. [more than doubling their salary].

“It is clear from the CCTV we have seized that 'Jack' thought he could get away with anything, and didn't even worry about pulling a gun out on camera.

“We have been contacted by many of his victims and they have shown us their very bad injuries for evidence.”

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