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fighting words Boxer Jono Carroll gushes about how he owes everything to Daniel Kinahan in new 35 minute video

'So, God knows what is true and what is false but all I can say is that motherfu**er (Kinahan) helped me. He’s a man of his word'


Jono and Kinahan together in a recent social media post

Jono and Kinahan together in a recent social media post

Jono and Kinahan together in a recent social media post

Irish boxer Jono Carroll has said he owes “it all to Daniel Kinahan” after the mobster-turned-boxing manager gave him a new lease of life. 

Carroll, who fights with MTK Global and has no involvement in crime, is taking on Patrick ‘Alligator’ Ayi Aryee of Ghana in a super feather contest tonight at the Dubai Duty Free Stadium.

Ahead of the encounter, he told how he was on the verge of walking away from boxing when he appealed to the controversial promoter to give him a break.

Carroll claims Kinahan has been the subject of false stories in the media - which he compares to reporting on that "Covid sh*t."

He also claims the Irish Mafia chief recommended he read a self-help book about the 'Law of Attraction' to help his career.

The 'Law of Attraction' is a new-age philosophy based on the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life.

Speaking in an interview posted on YouTube - entitled 'How Daniel Kinahan changed my life'- from Dubai, where he is now based, Carroll revealed how his life had subsequently changed dramatically.

The clip can be found on YouTube the Boxing King Media channel.

“And do you know what? I have to say, I owe it all to Daniel Kinahan,” Carroll says.

“Simply for getting me the opportunity and the fights.

“People can say what they want, people can say this, say that, that's all media. if you wanna believe in the media that's fine, believe in the fu**ing media all you like.

“But how many other things have they being lying to us about? Even with the Covid sh*t.

"Do you remember when the Covid stuff started coming out? And you had like videos of people dying on benches and all. Mad stuff. The media put some mad stuff out there.

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“So, God knows what is true and what is false but all I can say is that motherfu**er (Kinahan) helped me.

"He’s a man of his word.”

Carroll, who was working as a tree surgeon, also insists that he would have retired from the sport if it wasn’t for Kinahan.

“There's no even two ways about it because I was not enjoying my life at the time,” he states.

“I was up at six o’clock in the morning, out in the rain, cutting trees and then trying to box at the end of the day, which was six years ago.


Jono Carroll in the YouTube video

Jono Carroll in the YouTube video

Jono Carroll in the YouTube video

“And my missus was pregnant and my daughter had just turned five.

"So at that time it was like I’m going to be a full time worker and provide for my family or I can be a full time boxer and provide for my family.

“But I love boxing and I love the people that boxing has introduced me to.

"Even the little things, just, for an example, how positive I am. It’s because of some of the books that he (Kinahan) put me on.

“I couldn't have been forced to read a book when I was a kid. I hated school. But he started me off on the whole law of attraction stuff.

“It was all YouTube videos (and he would say) ‘have a look at this’ and the more I got onto it, the more it just started to change my whole outlook on life. It changed my whole perspective on things.

"You can literally visualise something and make that stuff come true.”

Asked about the role of an advisor and how Daniel Keenan played a big part in making sure he got paid what he deserved, Jono replied: “He got me more money for what I paid in (his advising) fees and for what I paid for my trainer. He knows boxing inside out.

“And that’s what young fighters need, to get the right people around them.”

Last month mobster Kinahan appeared with Carroll in yet another social media snap with a high profile boxer.

The latest image of the crime lord showed him alongside Jono as they enjoyed a night out in Dubai.

In the photo – posted on the Instagram account of Dubliner Carroll, who has no involvement in crime - he was all smiles as he and Carroll posed with another boxer in Dubai.

“Team work makes the dream work,” Carroll (29) said. “And my team is solid, We got big plays.

The photo was uploaded just weeks after mobster Kinahan was snapped alongside world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in Dubai.

Kinahan was pictured alongside ‘The Gypsy King’, who has no involvement in crime, in the UAE in an Instagram post.

The MTK Global co-founder – who now acts as an advisor to boxers in the stable – previously worked with the two-time world champion Fury.

And Fury publicly thanked Kinahan in 2020 for his role in putting together a fight with Anthony Joshua – which subsequently didn’t take place after an international outcry.

Speaking in a clip posted online, Fury said: “I’m just after getting off the phone there with Daniel Kinahan.

“He’s just informed me that the biggest fight in British boxing history has just been agreed.

“Big shout out Dan, he got this done.

“Literally over the line. Two-fight deal.”

It comes after English UFC star Darren Till described Kinahan as a “good pal” last December.

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