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sick betrayal This is the hidden camera pervert who recorded women he knew in their bathrooms

Victims and their families say they have been left 'devastated' by the breach of trust and say his apology means nothing to them


Anthony Dunne was convicted after secretly capturing images of two women

Anthony Dunne was convicted after secretly capturing images of two women

Anthony Dunne was convicted after secretly capturing images of two women

A VICTIM of a pervert who used a hidden camera to record her showering in her home has said she will never get over how he could sit down at a dinner table with her after looking at videos of her for his own sexual gratification.

Twisted Anthony Dunne (61) placed a hidden camera in a family bathroom to secretly video his then partner's daughter-in-law and another one in a work bathroom to record a female colleague he had known for 20 years.

Dunne, from Hazelmere, Naas, Co Kildare, will be sentenced for his sickening crimes in April after the case was adjourned at Dublin Circuit Court this week.

He told the Sunday World this week that he would apologise to his two victims at the next court appearance but they both told this newspaper that his apology would mean nothing to them as he has destroyed their trust in other people.

He targeted Leanne Daly (31) over a period of time in 2020 by placing a hidden camera in the shower of his then partner's home in Clondalkin. Leanne, who is Dunne's former partner's daughter-in-law, said he had been a trusted member of the extended family who regularly stayed over until he was rumbled.

"It's like Jekyll and Hyde. He was able to sit at the table and look me in the eye at dinner after using the images he took of me for his own sexual benefit," Leanne told the Sunday World.

"It was a major shock. You can't even express the devastation that came along with it. My trust in other people is gone. I don't know if I can accept anyone else into my life now. I have a very close circle now."

Dunne recorded videos of Leanne between February 2020 and April 2020 and deliberately set up the camera at the time she was using the bathroom.


Anthony Dunne. Pic: MCNpics

Anthony Dunne. Pic: MCNpics

Anthony Dunne. Pic: MCNpics

The family were completely unaware of his sick obsession until Dunne targeted his colleague Paula Jordan by setting up a hidden camera in the female shower at his at O'Neills Factory, Long Mile Road, Walkinstown, Dublin, on March 23 last year.

Dunne set up the camera before Paula went out for lunchtime run that day.

Paula told the Sunday World she came back and had a shower after her run and when she was getting dressed she stumbled and knocked over boxes in the shower room and then spotted a phone with a camera on a cable on the ground.

When she picked it up, she realised it was recording and had been for almost an hour.

She stopped it recording and started looking back but it was initially of the empty room before she came in.

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"I waited in the bathroom for a minute watching it and I was wondering if somebody was outside waiting and if they were going to tackle me to the ground. I got out and ran up to my friend upstairs. She went back through the video and she saw me in the shower."

Paula told her colleague to check the Gmail app on the phone and discovered it was Dunne's email address.

She was in shock. She had known Dunne for 20 years and they got on well in work.

"You just never expected it from him. He was always nice. He wasn't overfriendly or anything. I'd love to say he came across as a creep but he didn't."

Dunne was summoned to a meeting with management and asked to explain the phone and camera and immediately resigned.

Paula went to the gardai about the matter two days later. "My husband convinced me. He said people like him get away with stuff like that unless someone makes a complaint."

When gardai analysed the phone, they discovered videos of a person who would be later identified as Leanne.

Leanne was the daughter-in-law of Dunne's former partner, Mary, who also worked in O'Neills along with Leanne's partner.

Mary immediately left Dunne and cut all ties with him after finding out he had recorded the video of Paula but was left completely devastated when she found out he had also recorded videos of Leanne in Mary's home in Clondalkin.

Leanne told the Sunday World how she remembers the day gardai called to her home to tell her the bed news.

She had been getting the kids ready for school when her partner phoned to tell her to wait as gardai were calling over.

"When they did arrive and showed me, I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. I'm not one who would be short of words but I had nothing to say. It wasn't something I expected."

They were already aware he had taken the video of Paula.

"It never dawned on us that he would do it to something like that to me. He was so well treated. He was part of the extended family. It was somebody I had trusted and know for 13 years.

"You can't even express the devastation that came along with it. My trust in other people is gone. I don't know if I can accept anyone else into my life now. I have a very close circle now."

She said Dunne never gave any indications he was a pervert.

"We got along great. The whole family got along great with him. There were never any problems or any suspicions. It was always just a regular family."

She said the impact of what Dunne did has affected so many people.

"My mother-in-law is still very upset about it. This was someone she trusted enough to have around her family. She thought this is someone I can trust who is a good man. It was an awful betrayal of her trust. To do this in her home, she is devastated by it.

"It's affecting the whole family and Paula's family. Having to explain to my parents what had happened wasn't easy either. I'm my dad's youngest daughter so to tell my dad what happened was devastating."

Leanne said one of the most disturbing aspects of what happened was knowing that Dunne had taken videos of her and then sat down across the table from her.

"He had seen my images and was able to sit down and have a Sunday dinner with me and look me in the eye. I can't get over that. He was able to act normal with me after knowing what he had done to me. He was able to look me in the eye and have no remorse for what he was after doing."

She said thoughts constantly race through her mind as to why Dunne targeted her.

"I'll never have the answers to these questions. Why pick me out of the family?

"I keep thinking was there a sign, could I have picked up on something, did I do something? I never gave him any hints or encouragement but I was thinking was I too friendly or too nice? I never understood why he singled me out. He never gave any indication he was that type of person.

"He was a great liar to be able to sit down and look me in the eye knowing he was just after watching me in the shower. I find that very upsetting.

"It's very frightening to think he was after getting a kick from that. Your home should be safe and I don't feel safe in my home anymore. He has taken that away from me.

"It's so hard to explain. It's always going to be in my head now. I'll never look at the world the same way. I'm very cautious now. Beforehand I was very relaxed and trusted people. Now I feel very on edge and I'm very cautious about what's going on around me."

Leanne who is a mother-of-two said having five minutes in the shower used to be a time she could relax and have a few moments of peace.

"Now when I have a shower I'm petrified. I have to jump in and jump out.

"For me now if I'm using anybody's bathroom I have to look around. It's madness but that's what's in my head. I can't use a bathroom without having to check. I'll have to do this for the rest of my life."

Dunne didn't like having the camera turned on him when the Sunday World approached him outside his home this week.

Asked if planned to apologise to Leanne and Paula he said: "They're going to get that in court. I have to apologise obviously."

He declined to offer any explanation for why he specifically targeted Leanne and Paula. "No sorry. I'm not getting involved. I don't want to say anything."

Leanne and Paula said his apology means nothing to then anyway.

Paula said: "I don't even want an apology off him. It was totally premeditated, pre-planned stalking and for him to do that to Leanne for all those months. He's a creep who I thought was a good work colleague.

"I'm so glad I found the phone that day. There were no other images of me on the phone so he never got to see my video. That was the good thing for me but not for poor Leanne though."

Leanne added: "His apology won't make me feel safe using a bathroom anywhere or even closing the bedroom door. Feeling safe has been taken away from me.

"I don't want another woman to go through this. It's really upsetting mentally and physically. Horrendous wouldn't even cover the despair that I was in.

"I want other people thinking about doing what he did to read this and say okay maybe I won't do it. that way other people will be spared the pain I went through."

She said she was so thankful Paula found the camera last year or Dunne could still be recording secret videos.

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