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out of 'muck' Sick child-sex pervert and super-pimp faces jail sentence of up to 14 years

Sicko was caught in an undercover sting operation when he offered our female reporter cash to clean his house in the nude.


Martin ‘Mucky’ Heaney was nailed by the Sunday World

Martin ‘Mucky’ Heaney was nailed by the Sunday World

Heaney during his tour bus days

Heaney during his tour bus days


Martin ‘Mucky’ Heaney was nailed by the Sunday World

Sleazy superpimp Martin Heaney - a convicted child sex pervert - was first exposed by the Sunday World 12 years ago.

He was caught in an undercover sting operation when he offered our female reporter cash to clean his house in the nude.

But the pervert - known in the vice trade as 'Mucky Marty' - was finally snared last week when he pleaded guilty in court to 31 serious sex charges.

Another 33 similar charges were left on the books.

Belfast-born Heaney, with an address at Maypole Park, Dromore, Co Down, was targeted by the PSNI's Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking branch during a two-year investigation.

During an appearance at Craigavon Crown Court last week, it emerged that the 61-year-old was one of the wealthiest sex suppliers in Ulster.

Police discovered that over a two-year period, Heaney had deposited £140,000 in a bank account.

Our investigations revealed the former taxi driver and Belfast tour bus guide was raking in a fortune, pimping prostitutes from Dundonald to Dundalk.

In another undercover investigation, we persuaded Heaney to deliver a sex worker to a hotel in south Belfast where we falsely claimed a stag party was in full swing.

Heaney turned up bang on time with a teenage girl who was wearing only underwear under a heavy winter coat.


Heaney during his tour bus days

Heaney during his tour bus days

Heaney during his tour bus days

Our reporter stepped from the shadows and asked Heaney: "Do you remember me, Marty?"

And when we caught up with 'Mucky Marty' later to ask how his new business venture was doing, he flew into a rage.

"It's got nothing to do with you. And quite frankly, it's none of your business," he snapped.

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And when we pressed him about why - despite a court conviction - he continued to exploit young vulnerable women, Heaney had the cheek to threaten us with the police.

"That's it!" he barked, "I'm treating this as harassment!"

We revealed how Heaney was sacked from two respectable tour firms in Belfast after a string of complaints from female passengers.

On another occasion Heaney asked to meet a Sunday World reporter where he pleaded with us not to write any more stories about him.

"My dad's elderly and he couldn't handle it," he said.

Using the business names NI Strippers and Fantasy Entertainments, Heaney was flat out selling sex and strippers to anyone willing to pay.

He also liked to boast about his ability to operate as a pimp with impunity right under the noses of the PSNI in the north and the Garda Síochána in the south.

Not wishing to attract the prying eyes of the police or the paramilitaries, during the week Heaney hid in Dundalk, before heading north at weekends to Andersonstown.

A divorced father of one, Heaney moved into the rented flat in Dundalk when things in Belfast got too hot for him after his appearance in court on child sex abuse charges.

But he was spotted back working in Belfast by the Sunday World after he arranged work for two strippers - 'Miss Spanky' and 'Misty' - at a function in the Sandy Row area.

And on Mother's Day 2015, 'Mucky Marty' was spotted trawling around Victoria's Bar in Belfast city centre, where he approached a number of women asking if they wanted to make extra money.

We discovered that Heaney travelled hundreds of miles every week in his silver Ford Mondeo with blacked-out windows, trying to persuade vulnerable young women to sell their bodies for sex.

Although his website offered strip-o-gram girls and male strippers, in reality Heaney specialised in supplying teenage girls to cash-rich customers.

Heaney also used an array of false Facebook profiles to make contact with unsuspecting young women.

He used social media as a means of tempting women into the vice trade with the lure of easy money. And he usually ended up asking them outright if they would work for him as full or part-time hookers.

The sex creep's favourite technique was to send out hundreds of unsolicited messages to women.

He worked on the premise that under the law of averages, a percentage of those approached would accept his offer.

In one dispatch - seen by the Sunday World and reproduced here - Heaney sent a private message to a young woman after spotting a picture of her and a friend posing in beachwear.

Over a photograph of the girls, Heaney wrote: 'Your profile just popped up on my FB there lol. Very sexy looking… mmm… nice hair colour. Suits you.'

And when the woman replied with a polite 'thank you', Heaney responded immediately with a coded offer of cash in return for sexual favours. The young woman rebuffed Heaney's advances with a definite 'No thank you'.

"This man is sick," one sex worker told the Sunday World this week. Until recently the young woman we interviewed operated as one of Heaney's sex workers, but she quit because of his constant demands for cut-price and perverted sex.

She told the Sunday World how her sinister experience with 20-stone Heaney.

"He had driven me to see a customer and when he was driving me home, he said he had to call into his flat to check on his pet cat." It was then he demanded sex.

"Marty Heaney is a danger to women," she said. "He should have been locked up long ago. But he always managed to keep one step ahead of the law."

Eight years ago Heaney was found guilty in court at Craigavon of kidnapping and holding two terrified teenagers prisoner in his car while he performed a sick sex act in front of them.

Using the lure of donating money to Children In Need, Heaney persuaded the youngsters aged 13 and 16 to get into his car. And as soon as they did, he locked the doors and took off at high speed.

He drove the panic-stricken children to a remote rural area, where he exposed himself. Heaney then forced them to watch while he engaged in a solitary sex act.

As a result of the trauma, the girls tried to take their own lives.

Heaney - who also has a previous conviction for indecent exposure - escaped jail by the skin of his teeth.

He left court after being found guilty of a lesser charge of performing a sex act in the presence of a child.

The judge ordered him to enrol on a sex behavioural course and put him on probation for three years. He was also banned from working with children.

Heaney recently told people in the west of the city a pack of lies about the real reason he had appeared before the courts in Craigavon, claiming he was the victim of a fake complaint.

We have learned though that Heaney almost came a cropper in Dublin when a Garda officer stopped and questioned him seconds after he had picked up a prostitute.

Once again, the brass-necked superpimp managed to talk his way out of trouble.

'Mucky Marty' Heaney faces up to 14 years behind bars when he appears again for sentencing in the near future.

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