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The tooth scary Self-professed gangland hardman invests in a gob full of gold gnashers to keep his assets from cops

Limerick man Flannery claims he is a 'hero' because he boasts of extorting drug dealers


Body builder Ian Flannery says he has a mouth full of gold teeth so the law can't lay a finger on his assets

Body builder Ian Flannery says he has a mouth full of gold teeth so the law can't lay a finger on his assets

Body builder Ian Flannery says he has a mouth full of gold teeth so the law can't lay a finger on his assets

He is a self-professed gangland hardman with a mouth full of gold teeth that he says have made him famous.

But Ian Flannery - aka 'Irish' - says he is desperate to avoid fame, despite saying that his trademark gnashers help him keep his money safe from the police, and despite boasts about extorting money from drug dealers.

Flannery, who is 28, is the latest in a string of gangsters to appear on a new crop of podcasts popping up on YouTube and other online forums.

They feature lengthy and in-depth interviews with career criminals about their childhood and violent crimes.

The body-building Limerick man is part of a crew who are arch rivals of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty.

He's just out of jail with a GPRS ankle bracelet but that hasn't stopped him from giving two lengthy interviews about his life and criminal times.


Ian Flannery moved to England when he was 18

Ian Flannery moved to England when he was 18

Ian Flannery moved to England when he was 18

"My original teeth got screwed out and these got screwed into my head," he tells KRN TV podcast.

"Why? Cos I had too much finances at that time. I had too many Rolexes and too many silly things about me, so we stuck as much in me head as we could so the Crown Prosecution couldn't take any more off me."

Flannery says he was born in ­Limerick in May 1992 and that he moved to ­London when he was 18.

He says he was imprisoned in ­Birmingham before moving to London where he tried to blend in with his heavy tattoos and gold teeth.

"I earned a few quid and I had a few pounds to spend," he says. "Instead of buying Valentino runners I decided to get myself set up in life.

"From there I got involved in a few other bits, and a few years later I had a major brush with the law."

Flannery claims he got into the ­extortion business and approached drug dealers who he says had businesses and who were covering up their ­money.

"I'd say 'I get paid or that business won't be on the road'.

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"I've been asked did anyone ever say no. Well, one guy did and a fella was taken off a sunbed and sent flying out on to the road with his '*****' hanging out," he says.

"I was convicted for extorting drug dealers. I'm the only man in the whole of England convicted of extorting them without a firearm."

He claims that he had nothing to do with an earlier conviction involving a kidnapping.

"People say they stop selling drugs ­because of me. My solicitor says 'my client is a hero'."

Asked what he thinks of 'snitches' Flannery exclaims that everyone talks when it comes to money.


TV star Paddy Doherty

TV star Paddy Doherty

TV star Paddy Doherty

"That is the long and the short of that. When money is involved, when people are parted with money, they will talk. Nobody likes to go broke."

Flannery says that the leaders of his crew, the arch rival cousins of TV star Doherty, are his 'brothers'.

He says: "I don't think anyone is as close to me as them. They are family. I could ring them any hour of the morning. Where you see them you see me," he adds.

The self-proclaimed ­extortionist says that he got his teeth done after his first sentence in the UK.

"The Crown Prosecution were all over me for my assets. They said I was living a lifestyle above my means and I had no source of income, I had no national insurance ­number and that I was just this 'good looking' guy and that I was living good.

"I was back and forth to Holland at the time."

He later tells the interview that police found £49,000 in his oven when they raided his house and that they took it from him.

Flannery claims that once, when he was on the way to prison, an individual who had given evidence at this time had his car petrol bombed and that someone shot at his door with a sub-machine gun.

"When you stand up in court and point the finger it never goes away," he claims. He says he has no plans to return to Ireland and that his movements are currently restricted in the UK, where he says he has "lots of children" with different women.

"They say I am a kingpin in the firearms trade but none of my DNA has ever been found on a gun. They've never found a drug. I'm not involved in any shape or form. How do I earn? It's legitimate. I've worked very hard for what I have. I'm not living like an average 28-year-old man."

Flannery says he had to have his femur rebuilt and tibia fixed after a gunshot wound some years ago and will be on medication for the rest of his life to prevent lead poisoning.

"I've children with different women in different countries. I enjoy being a father," he says.

"All of my children are very ­important to me but I've no daughter, only sons. I only plan on loving three women in my life; my mother, my daughter and the woman who gives me a daughter... Plans for the future? To stay alive."

KRN TV said it was 'lucky' to get an 'exclusive' with Flannery, who it said was only released from prison last week.

The gangster podcasts are seeing a huge surge in popularity.

Podcaster James English often interviews career criminals on his Anything Goes podcast, while more and more of the genre feature gangsters interviewing one another.

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