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virus death Killer who murdered Irishman in savage attack died of Covid-19 in Scottish jail, documents show

Asif Rehman was convicted of killing William McKeeney in a violent street attack


Asif Rehman passed away shortly after being rushed to hospital

Asif Rehman passed away shortly after being rushed to hospital

Asif Rehman passed away shortly after being rushed to hospital

Newly released documents have shown that the killer of Irishman William McKeeney, Asif Rehman, died of COVID-19 in a Scottish prison.

The 29-year-old passed away in September after he was rushed to hospital from his prison cell in Glasgow.

Records show that he died of “Covid-19 disease and viral pneomontis,” also known as pneumonia.

In 2012, Rehman and Adel Ishaq brutally attacked William McKeeney (57) in a street attack in Glasgow as his partner, Anne-Marie Newland watched on in horror from her window.

The Donegal man was repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped to death. Injuries to his head were so brutal that footprints from his attackers were left on his head.

Witness Imran Khan told the trial that he had received a call from Adel Ishaq before the attack where he heard William utter his last known words.

"I answered and said 'hello' but there was no reply. I could hear their voices talking in English,” Khan said of the call.

"They were running with that shaking, windy noise although it wasn't a windy night. They sounded drunk and hyped."

He then heard another voice on the line which he recognised as William McKeeney.

“It was an Irish voice and my first thought was that it was Willie's voice. I heard the Irish voice saying, 'Is there a problem here lads? What's the problem?'."

Rehman was serving a life sentence with a minimum of 16 years and three months at HMP Shotts, North Lanarkshire after being convicted of the killing in November 2012.

In 2018, the lifer threw a boiling kettle of water at two guards in an unprovoked attack as they opened his cell to serve him breakfast at 7.30am.

Victim Derek Walker suffered burns around his right eye, with the other officer, Matthew Ferguson got a similar injury on his left arm. It is believed that he was ‘high’ on Spice at the time.

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A prosecutor told the court: “The accused is described as ‘leaping from his bed’ and has thrown boiling water from the kettle towards all three of them.

“The water struck Derek Walker to the face and Matthew Ferguson to his right arm.

“The accused has then barged his way out of his cell and he’s tried to strike Matthew Ferguson with the kettle, however he was unsuccessful in making contact.”

Rehman’s defence, Eddie Robertson, told the court that his client had mental health issues and was suffering from PTSD following the murder. He also told the court that he was using the drug spice to cope with his issues.

Defending his client, Eddie Robertson said Rehman had been suffering mental health issues and post-traumatic stress disorder linked to the killing for which he had been sentenced to life imprisonment and this led to him using the drug spice to cope with his issues

“I think it’s fair to say Mr Rehman didn’t pre-plan this assault. He was making a cup of tea.

“There’s no doubt he was removed from privileges such as TV for 14 days. He spent two months in solitary confinement tied up with the previous incident to which his not guilty plea has now been accepted.”

Following the incident, the violent Rehman was sentenced to nine months in prison and moved to SPS prison at Lowmoss.

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