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Irish spiritual guru facing sex charges in Ibiza says he heals cancer with sex and is 'St Michael'

A Spanish psychoanalyst said: 'Murray sought to control and gain power. Along with that, access to sex and drugs'

Irishman Michael Murray, a self-styled 'spiritual guru', denies the charges against him

Alan Sherry

The Irish spiritual 'guru' arrested in Ibiza following allegations of sexual assault told his followers he was "the archangel St Michael" sent to Earth to enlighten the world who could heal cancer through sex.

Michael Murray (58), from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, was arrested in Ibiza in April, after spending four years on the run for allegedly sexually assaulting two women who were 'disciples' of his teachings.

Murray, who still has a small group of followers, was first arrested on the Spanish island in 2018 after a woman alleged she was held against her will for three days and subjected to sexual and physical abuse.

Another woman subsequently came forward and made further allegations that she had also been sexually assaulted by the spiritual 'guru' in 2018.

Murray, who denies the allegations, had been released on bail at the time and effectively went on the run, living rough in Ibiza until the sister of the second alleged victim spotted last month and contacted Spanish police.

He was arrested and brought to court before once again being released on bail.

The Sunday World can this week reveal the bizarre claims Murray made to his vulnerable followers, including one that he was "the archangel St Michael" who could heal them through sex, and how he prophesised the end of the world.

We can also reveal that Murray, who has spoken openly of his addiction issues in the past, still has a small group of followers he sends out to beg for money, which he in turn spends on alcohol and drugs.

Irishman Michael Murray, the Ibiza spiritual 'guru'

Spanish psychotherapist and psychoanalyst Dr Miguel Perlado has been helping families and ex-members of cults for 23 years and has been directly dealing with former 'disciples' of Murray's cult and their relatives.

He told the Sunday World that Murray, who had been hosting seminars in Ireland more than a decade ago, started holding workshops in Ibiza around 2012 based around his interpretations of a book called A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

The book was written in the 1970s by American psychologist Helen Schuman, who believed it had been dictated to her by Jesus.

Followers believe this book, which has sold millions of copies around the world, is a 'Third Testament' of God to his people.

Murray, who was previously convicted in Ireland in relation to fraud offences, told his followers he was a "fifth level prophet".

Dr Perlado told the Sunday World that Murray made further outlandish assertions.

"Murray claims that he is 'the archangel St Michael', who has been sent to Earth to enlighten the world. He assures that he has evolved spiritually 'to the highest level'.

"The way he works - he approaches women who are disoriented, in crisis, with family problems or with affective ruptures. He seduces them by offering support and 'personal growth' courses."

Dr Perlado said Murray was initially able to organise workshops with participants from Spain and Ireland, but progressively lost followers after his arrest in 2018.

"I have been aware of his activities since 2019, when some families contacted me for therapeutic help."

Dr Perlado said the group is now limited, but Murray still has a few female followers who provide him with financial support and some of whom are in sexual relationships with him.

He added that he has had sex with followers "under the argument that he helps to heal cancer through sex".

Dr Perlado said Murray also encouraged women to have relationships with other women "for his evolution".

"During the day, he sends them on 'spiritual missions,' which consist of begging for money to buy him a lot of marijuana and alcohol.

"While he clearly has drug addiction problems, he argues that through this he 'transforms evil'."

"He sends his followers on these 'spiritual missions,' which also consist of scavenging for food, as a way of 'working the ego'.

"He said that no one understood him, but that he had attained a 'superior knowledge'. That he had the ability to speak with angels: he was a messenger of God.

"He could show a seductive behaviour, as well as violent or humiliating, in an alternation that mentally unbalanced followers."

Murray had been hiding on Ibiza with his followers until his arrest and had been making plans to travel to France, where they believed they would be received as "celestial messengers" and received with all kinds of honours.

"His modus operandi is that of a predator, a small cultic guru: isolation of the victims, distortion of previous personal experiences, daily indoctrination, humiliation and verbal abuse, sexual exploitation under spiritual pretext, demand for complete devotion, rupture of personal and family ties."

Dr Perlado believes power was a driving force for Murray.

"Fundamentally, Murray sought to control and gain power. Along with that, access to sex and drugs."

Murray has made numerous prophecies about the end of the world.

In a video posted online in 2017, he said: "We're coming near the end of times. It's sat right on our doorstep."

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