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Pure evil Woman abused by step-brother from age of 7 is 'glad that monster is in jail'

"I think he is a monster and I wish he had gone away for longer. I waived my anonymity to keep other people safe from him.


Bernard Maguire got a two-year sentence

Bernard Maguire got a two-year sentence

Bethany was only seven when she was raped

Bethany was only seven when she was raped


Bernard Maguire got a two-year sentence

A woman whose half-brother was jailed for blindfolding and orally raping her as a seven-year-old child says: "I'm glad that monster is in jail, he's not my brother anymore."

Bethany Willoughby (20) revealed to the Sunday World how half-brother Bernard Maguire, who was 16 at the time of the attacks, used a sick and manipulative game, documented as being used by paedophiles since the early 1990s, to orally rape her.

Courageous Bethany told us: "He was 16 years old … and I was only seven. He was meant to protect and love me and he didn't do either of those things.

"So I don't feel bad he is in jail today. There are no conflicting emotions for me anymore. I do not think of him as family.

"I think he is a monster and I wish he had gone away for longer. I waived my anonymity to keep other people safe from him.

"He is not my brother … not anymore."


Bethany Willoughby with her baby daughter

Bethany Willoughby with her baby daughter

Bethany Willoughby with her baby daughter

On Thursday Maguire, (29), of Allenwood Drive, Gorey, Co Wexford, pleaded guilty before the Central Criminal Court to two charges of orally raping Bethany at their father's home on dates between September 2006 and September 2008.

The court heard she was aged between six and seven at the time and he was aged between 15 and 16.

Bethany waived her right to anonymity so Maguire could be named.

A local garda detective told the court that Maguire put his penis into her mouth during a game in which he persuaded her to wear a blindfold and put different objects in her mouth.

On another occasion, he didn't blindfold her but told her to close her eyes, the court heard.

Bethany told us how the abuse occurred when she went to stay with her and Bernard's biological father for a time following the death of her maternal grandmother.

"My mother's mother died on the 15th of September that year and my mam was finding it really hard to cope so I went to stay with my dad," she recalled.

"Usually I would spend weekends but during that period it was a little bit longer because my mam was finding it so difficult to cope without her mum.


Bethany was only seven when she was raped

Bethany was only seven when she was raped

Bethany was only seven when she was raped

"And that is when Bernard did this . I had grown up with Bernard … spending weekends at my biological dad's house.

"I didn't even know the term half brother … I just though he was my brother."

Bethany said when, only this week, she investigated the sinister method used by Maguire to abuse her she was shocked to find the 'game' has been repeatedly used by paedophiles since the early 1990s.

"When I went looking on Google I found other cases where children were blindfolded and tricked into taking someone's penis in their mouth," she told the Sunday World.

"One case dates back to the '90s where a man in his sixties blindfolded a young girl and played 'guess the vegetable' with her.

"And it ended up being the exact same thing. Because Bernard did this to me in 2007 I'm not entirely sure where he would have learned about it but I doubt, I highly doubt now, that he came up with this himself."

After the attacks Bethany said she repressed all memories of what her older half-brother had done to her.

"The assaults happened in 2007 and for years afterwards I didn't remember what happened," she said.


"He was content to act as if nothing had happened so I was none the wiser," she said.

"I repressed the memories for years. But I remembered properly, the whole thing in its entirety, in 2016.

"My brother Oisin, on my mother's side, told me about a girl he knew who had been abused. And then a day or two later, as I was in my room drawing, I remembered what he did to me.

"It came into my head in a flood."

Bethany said she told her mum but swore her to silence, saying she wouldn't be able to cope if it came out.

Despite her mother's strong misgivings she agreed to wait to report the rapes.

But matters came to a head a short time later when the two bumped into Maguire outside a local coffee shop.

"He came over with his then girlfriend and gave me a hug," said Bethany.

"I couldn't say anything. I was so terrified and my mam was sat there looking at him like she wanted to kill him. The second he left, I said to my mam: 'OK, I can't cope with this.

"They all need to know … I need him to stay away from me."

Bethany said she subsequently went to the gardai and made a formal complaint.

"The guards were so good," she said.

"The guard who oversaw the case from the start was Garda Brian Dowling and he was the real deal.

"He talked to me like I was normal when I didn't feel normal at all. I felt believed."

Sentencing Maguire on Thursday, Mr Justice Michael White said sentencing in an offence committed by a juvenile was not straightforward.

He said the aggravating factors included the serious nature of the offending, the breach of trust by an older brother and the age gap between the siblings.

He noted in mitigation that Maguire made immediate admissions and pleaded guilty and he took into account Maguire's youth and immaturity at the time of the offending and his remorse.

He said this did not minimise the seriousness of the offending or the impact on his half-sister.


Justice White imposed a two-year sentence with the final year suspended on conditions including that Maguire attend for assessment for the Better Lives programme in prison.

Paul Murray SC, defending, said his client has pleaded guilty to the offence but still maintains he was younger than the charges reflect.

Detailing her reaction to the sentence, Bethany told us she is relieved at the thought Maguire is now in prison.

"I went up to Dublin yesterday expecting nothing," she said. "All I wanted was to be granted the ability to waive my anonymity so that he could be named. With my anonymity gone, so is his!

"And now people will always know who he is."

Asked whether she had any message for other victims of familial abuse, Bethany said: "I'd like to say just because someone has the same blood as you, that doesn't mean they can do what they want to you.

"And to anyone who is in this situation, or who has been in this situation, there is justice out there for you.

"I woke up today in my home with my daughter and my boyfriend knowing that I have done the right thing. And he woke up in a cell. That makes me feel everything I have done was worthwhile."

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