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Video shows vicious €60k bare-knuckle brawl end in chaos after fighter head-butts opponent

Bare-fisted brawl breaks up in fury as 'fair-play' men call foul on nutter
Eamon Dillon

A bare-knuckle fight for €60,000 ended in chaos this week as a fighter head-butted his opponent in a vicious clash.

Tom 'Smurf' McDonagh and ­Dinny's Anthony Ward had been sending taunting messages to each other via social media since April, ahead of the fight being organised.

In one clip, Ward shows off three wads of cash and tells McDonagh that it is his €30,000 stake but he'd fight for pride if he didn't have the matching cash.

"I'm going to be there Wednesday, up or down" he says.

"What you are trying to do, beat me, a lot of fellas tried it and they all came up short, you will be another one of those fellas."

Ward headbutt lands a sickening thud.

Ward headbutt lands a sickening thud.

McDonagh replies: "There's no limits on this, make it as much money as you want. I hope you can fight in the ring because if you can't you're going to be a very sorry, sorry man."

The fight went on in a remote area in a space marked off by ropes and traffic cones, with well-known bare-knuckle fighter Davey Joyce and Michael Sweeney as fair-play men.

Although McDonagh had the reach and height advantage, it is Ward who appears to be on top in the early stages, landing a shuddering right hook, knocking the taller man to the ground.

With McDonagh still on the ground Ward throws another punch, to be warned by Joyce: "No hitting while he's down. I know your emotions are high, but..."

Not long afterwards Ward trips and falls as they trade venomous blows.

Joyce warns both to keep it clean but in a few minutes Ward throws his first headbutt after ducking and weaving under a combination of punches and ending up close-in with his opponent.

The small group of spectators shout their disapproval as Joyce warns Ward: "I am telling you for the last time no headbutting." He says if it happens again "that will be the end of it." And adds: "Relax now boys and do your thing, don't put it on me and Michael."

After seven minutes of hard fighting the fighters are urged to shake hands but both men ignore the suggestion.

"Shake hands, there's no shame in it after having a great fight," Joyce tells them.

Smurf McDonagh.

Smurf McDonagh.

But the slug-fest continue, and when the two men are in a clinch Ward draws back and launches another headbutt that connects with a ­sickening thud.

"You can't do that, you do it one more time you are gone. There is nothing more I can do, we have been very fair," Joyce tells Ward.

Less than two minutes later a voice is heard to say "game over" as Ward can't resist a third nutting.

The fair-play men intervene to end the contest as McDonagh shouts: "You waster! You f***king tramp!" Efforts are made to keep the fighters apart as a furious McDonagh shouts: "You want a dirty fight?"

As the pair are separated McDonagh is heard telling Ward "You'll never be able for me".

Davey Joyce says: "You have to be honest about it headbutting three times, there's nothing we can do."

Gesturing towards another man who has entered the ring in front of the group recording the fight Joyce says: "The money is out of me and Michael's hands. That's the man holding the money. He doesn't want to give it but he has no choice."

More often than not, the fair-play men try to encourage the fighters to shake hands after they have both shown a willingness to fight.

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