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Perv on probation UVF killer John MacCauley who admitted having child pornography haunted by past

Man involved in brutal UVF murder admits to possessing vile child porn images and reveals he often visits the grave of his murder victim


Out: John MacCauley is confronted by the Sunday World at his home this week

Out: John MacCauley is confronted by the Sunday World at his home this week

Out: John MacCauley is confronted by the Sunday World at his home this week

UVF killer John MacCauley, who admitted this week having child pornography, confirmed he visits the grave of his innocent murder victim regularly.

The sick 74-year-old pervert – who admitted to cops he was “a dirty old bastard” – walked free from Antrim Crown Court this week after a judge said the best way to monitor him was through a two-year probation order.

He had earlier confessed to 14 charges of possessing indecent images of children on August 15, 2017.

During his sentence hearing, reference was made to MacCauley’s previous criminal record, which included the murder of Catholic woman Colette Brown who was shot by the UVF in 1975.

His barrister told the court MacCauley had struggled to come to terms with his crime – for which he served nine years of a life sentence.


Murdered: Colette Brown was shot in 1975

Murdered: Colette Brown was shot in 1975

Murdered: Colette Brown was shot in 1975

It was claimed the twisted ex-terrorist still visits the grave of 31-year-old mother of four whose body was found dumped in a field near Larne.

And when confronted by the Sunday World on Friday, MacCauley confirmed the claim was true.

Speaking to us from his home in the Craigyhill estate in Larne, MacCauley said: “What I said in court is true, I go to her grave and apologise for what I did.

“I still struggle with it, that’s the honest truth.”

Colette Brown met a brutal end.

Despite being Catholic, she was said to have links with loyalist paramilitaries.

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A former member of the Women’s Royal Army Corps, she was sentenced to death by the UVF for allegedly passing information to the IRA.


Brutal death: The body of Colette Brown lies at the side of the road

Brutal death: The body of Colette Brown lies at the side of the road

Brutal death: The body of Colette Brown lies at the side of the road

MacCauley said he didn’t want to talk about Colette Brown any more and, when we asked why he had got involved in watching shocking child porn videos, he replied: “I honestly don’t know. I can’t explain it.”

The court was told he has been shunned by his family and isolated by the community – ironically saying he himself is now living under paramilitary threat.

He was caught with more than 300 images and videos of children being raped and sexually abused.

Many of those images and film clips were deemed to be Category A – the most depraved kind.

According to the prosecution, when police raided MacCauley’s home and when they explained why they were there, “he made a significant statement that ‘I’m a dirty old bastard – I’m guilty”.

Arrested and questioned, MacCauley made “what can only be described as full admissions” that he had been viewing indecent images for about three years and the barrister said an “interesting feature is that he said that the children would have been as young as one”.

MacCauley had 369 indecent images of children and according to the classification system, 105 images were at category A, 97 were at B and 167 at C.

MacCauley was also found to have 12 category A videos and according to legal guidelines, images and videos at that level depict children involved in acts such as rape.

The lawyer revealed that MacCauley’s criminal record was not relevant but rather was “historic Troubles convictions from the ’70s but nothing since”

According to the book Lost Lives, which documents every murder from throughout the Troubles, Colette Brown’s body was found in a field on Killyglen Road in the harbour town and during the trial of MacCauley and another man, the court heard how she had been at her brother’s wedding and then a party where she had been involved in a row.

The court was told she was ordered to be murdered for allegedly passing information to the IRA but, in jailing MacCauley and the other man, a judge said it did not matter whether she was killed because of that or because of the drunken row.

Lodging a plea in mitigation last Wednesday, defence counsel Neil Moore said MacCauley’s involvement in the murder “has never left him – he has been troubled by that”.

“He visits the grave of the lady who was shot in a car that he was driving,” said the lawyer, adding that MacCauley has described himself as “the most disgusting of individuals”.

Mr Moore revealed that since his offences have come to light, MacCauley has “lost his wife, his two sons and his family and he has come under the attention of local paramilitaries which is an irony when one thinks back to what he did with paramilitaries in the ’70s”.

He submitted that given the unexplained delay of almost four years in getting the case to court and with no further offences committed in that time, “it may be that treatment and rehabilitation for Mr MacCauley may be appropriate”.

With MacCauley appearing at court by videolink from his solicitor’s office, Judge Neil Rafferty QC addressed him directly during his sentencing remarks and told the pervert the “disgusting and depraved industry” which produces indecent images only exists because of people like him.

“Were there not for people like you who view these images, this industry would financially not exist,” said the judge.

“All of those who view these images must understand that every image contains a real-life child, a warm, breathing human being who is abused to make these images.

“The cries and tears of these children are not portrayed on the photos but they are nevertheless real live children who are abused to feed this disgusting and vile industry,” said Judge Rafferty.

He told MacCauley that although his offences warranted a jail sentence, it would be less than a year given current guidance so rather than impose a short sentence with very little period of supervision, had a report from probation which suggested a two-year probation programme.

MacCauley was also ordered to adhere to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for 10 years and he must sign the sex offender’s register for five years.

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