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On the loose Survivor says Finglas rapist David McCartan wanted boyfriend to 'watch as he raped me'

McCartan's release from prison early this month has prompted the woman to go public for the first time to warn others of the danger he poses.


Brave survivor who was raped by David McCartan

Brave survivor who was raped by David McCartan

Brave survivor who was raped by David McCartan

A victim of serial sex beast David McCartan has described him as 'pure evil', saying: "He wanted to make my boyfriend watch as he raped me."

The woman was just 19 years old when, in August 2008, McCartan broke into her third-floor Dublin flat and orally and vaginally raped her.

McCartan's release from prison early this month has prompted the woman to go public for the first time in a desperate bid to warn others of the danger he poses.

"I only found out he had been released after it appeared in the Sunday World," the devastated woman said this week.

"Honestly, I thought I had come to terms with it.

"But when I read the part about what he did to me I just broke down.

"I started bawling. I was in floods of tears.

"I spent the previous year trying to contact the detective who investigated the case so I could find out when he was getting out.

"I knew that just because he'd been given 20 years, that didn't mean he would do the full 20 years.


David McCartan

David McCartan

David McCartan

"I knew it was getting close.

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"But I was never able to get in contact with the guards who investigated it.

"They'd all moved on."

McCartan, now 34, was freed from Arbour Hill Prison on March 4 after serving 14 years of his 20-year sentence for breaking into the homes of two women before raping them.

He was on bail for the rape of a 41-year-old mother-of-two in her home when, on August 31, 2008, he broke into the flat of the then 19-year-old woman, beat up her boyfriend and repeatedly raped her.

"I didn't know who he was when he raped me," the woman told us this week.

"But he knew my boyfriend and he had been watching me for weeks before he did it.

"He stalks and watches his victims first - that's how he operates.

"On the night it happened, my boyfriend woke me and said he thought there was someone in the flat.

"I pretended to be on the phone to my cousin and said: 'There's someone in the house, get up here quick'.

"It was after midnight, maybe 1 or 2am."

The victim said as she and her partner went to check, McCartan appeared at the door of the bedroom.

"I remember he had David tattooed on his arm," she said.

"He was wearing a pink t-shirt and had a bandana wrapped around his face.

"And he was armed with a fork.

"He'd come in through the balcony window.

"My boyfriend got a few digs off him and then he [McCartan] dragged me into the other bedroom.

"They said I was only 20 minutes in there with him - but it felt like a lot longer.

"He punched me in the face and burst my lip.

"He raped me twice.

"And then he put the fork to the back of my neck ..."


Rape victim of David Mc Cartan speaking to Patrick O'Connell

Rape victim of David Mc Cartan speaking to Patrick O'Connell

Rape victim of David Mc Cartan speaking to Patrick O'Connell

Sickeningly, the woman said, as McCartan orally raped her, he called for her boyfriend to come into the room.

"He wanted to show him what he was forcing me to do," the woman said.

"I thought he [my boyfriend] was dead at that stage.

"I honestly thought he'd killed him."

But, the woman's boyfriend wasn't dead.

He had climbed from the balcony of the flat to a downstairs neighbour's where he rang gardai.

"When the guards banged on our door, he still had me up against the wall," the woman recalled.

"It wasn't until he heard them at the door that he went back out through the balcony window and fled.

"If they hadn't come, I think he would have killed me."

Gardai were able to identify McCartan from the woman's description, by the fact that her then-boyfriend had recognised him and also because he had left his phone at the scene.

"Two days after he raped me, he rang my ex's mam and offered money for me to say nothing happened," the woman continued.

"He wanted me to withdraw my statement and tell the guards nothing happened.

"But I rang the gardai and they got her phone and traced the call back to prove it was him who rang.

"He handed himself in two or three days later and he got sentenced in May 2009."

Sentencing McCartan to 20 years in prison, Judge Paul Carney (since deceased) said the rapist had "permanently disrupted and, in fact, ruined both women's lives".

"He did destroy my life," the woman said this week.

"I was drinking two bottles of vodka and more a day to try and block out what he did to me.

"It changed me.

"Even before he was released I didn't like staying anywhere on my own."

Asked whether she believes McCartan may have been rehabilitated while in prison, she replied: "No.

"He was so cocky every time I saw him in court.

"He never seemed the least bit sorry. They said he had written a letter of apology but it was never offered to us.

"He just handed it into the court so it could have an effect on his sentence.

"When he was in the Midlands, he was on the rapists' landing.


The Midlands Prison

The Midlands Prison

The Midlands Prison

"There was a person there who is a family member of someone I know.

"And this is a story that got back to me from there.

"I was in a documentary that was shown on TV in 2013.

"It got shown a few times over the next few years.

"And when he [McCartan] saw me on it, he turned around to the rest of them and said, almost like he was proud of himself, 'that's one of the ones I done'.

"It had never occurred to me that he'd be watching it in prison. He was getting off on seeing me on TV.

"The thought of it, even now, makes me sick to my stomach.

"The fact that he's out now … that he wandering round the same streets that I walk … it makes my blood run cold.

"And other women should be afraid. His address should be known.

"And there should be an updated picture of him so everyone can see what he looks like now.

"Women need to be vigilant. Wherever he is living in Dublin, women need to be really, really watchful.

"This is a man who stalks his victims like they are prey.

"He is evil, narcissistic and manipulative and I am 100 per cent he will attack again.

"People who knew him described him later as charming … but it's just a mask.

"He did that when he was 21.

"You would never have thought, looking at him, that this was someone who had the same evil inside him that the likes of Larry Murphy has in him."

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