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Savage Right-hand man of gangland boss Paul Rice left scarred for life in machete attack

The victim is understood to have a "pathological hatred" of gardaí and is refusing to cooperate in any way with their investigation.


Paul Rice

Paul Rice

Paul Rice

The right-hand man of crime lord Paul Rice had his face "almost sliced off" in a sickening early-morning machete attack in west Dublin.

Sources say that there are fears of "violent retributions" in a Dublin suburb which has already upwards of around 20 separate gang disputes.

Gardaí are investigating the incident despite the fact that the criminal has not made a complaint to officers.

"He was basically cut ear to ear - it was a brutal incident," a source said.

The victim is understood to have a "pathological hatred" of gardaí and is refusing to cooperate in any way with their investigation.

The man is understood to have required days of medical treatment on his horrific injuries.

Some of his close associates are suspected of having close links to the Kinahan cartel and are said to have access to large amounts of cash.

The incident unfolded in an estate in west Dublin, and there have been no arrests so far.

"Rice's pal has been calling in debts lately. Himself and another individual arrived at a property in west Dublin," an informed source said.

"There was a bit of a scuffle with a female and then their target arrived down and almost decapitated the victim with a machete.

"Gardaí have been informed and have located where the incident happened. Despite the victim's lack of cooperation this matter will still be investigated," the source added.

Tensions in west Dublin are at "boiling point" at the moment as officers attempt to deal with a number of different feuds.

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In a completely separate incident, a young local teenager was injured in a shooting on Tuesday evening after a gunman let fire with a "low-velocity" weapon.

The innocent victim in the attack was a local boy who was buying something in the shop when the bullet came through the window and injured him in the jaw and cheek.

He is being treated in hospital for two wounds to his face, which are not life threatening.

Up to five shots were fired in the attack in the Jobstown area, which Gardaí are continuing to investigate.

"This place is like an absolute tinderbox - is there enough gardaí around? The answer is no," a source said.

At the centre of much of the mayhem is Paul Rice's crew, who are expected to look for payback for the machete attack on one of their most trusted associates.

"They will not take this lying down at all - no way. Paul Rice is keeping a fairly low profile ; he has young lads doing his bidding, but you are talking here about a very organised crime gang," a source said.

"But while they are doing what they do, there is multiple serious criminal rows breaking out in west Dublin," the source added.

Some of these disputes are spreading into nearby suburbs, which has led to incidents that cannot be outlined here for legal reasons.

Apart from Rice and his younger associate, his organised crime gang consists of two notorious Tallaght criminal brothers, the victim of the machete attack and "at least 20 foot-soldiers that range in age from their late teens to early 30s," according to the source.

"This crew controls large parts of west Dublin but they are also operating in other areas of the city, particularly in the Dun Laoghaire area," the source added.

The gang is suspected of sourcing the drugs they sell in the capital from Kinahan cartel operators in Spain.

The Sunday World can reveal that they have been using seemingly legitimate businesses in West Dublin to conduct their deals.

Rice is one of the capital's best-known criminals, but until recent months sources say that he had been keeping his head down and was content for his younger associate to "take care of business" on his behalf.

For years, he has acted as an enforcer and debt collector for the Kinahan cartel.

He also has links to a number of dangerous Dublin-based dissident republicans, and was a long-time associate of Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh (44), who was shot dead in an Irish bar in Elviria, Spain, in September, 2014 on the orders of his own gang.


Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh was shot dead in Spain

Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh was shot dead in Spain

Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh was shot dead in Spain

Rice himself is no stranger to violence and he was jailed for 10 years in July 1995 after pleading guilty to the robbery of a bank in which shots were fired.

Back in the summer of 2016 when the Hutch/Kinahan feud, which has claimed 18 lives, was raging out of control, Rice installed new cameras and a state-of-the-art CCTV system in his Dublin home.

In March of that year, he had been officially warned by Gardaí about an active threat against his life after officers received information that the Hutch mob were planning to whack him.


Funeral of Eddie Mc Loughlin Crumlin. Paul Rice (L) and Gerard Kavanagh (R)with coffin.

Funeral of Eddie Mc Loughlin Crumlin. Paul Rice (L) and Gerard Kavanagh (R)with coffin.

Funeral of Eddie Mc Loughlin Crumlin. Paul Rice (L) and Gerard Kavanagh (R)with coffin.

It was not the first GIM (Garda Information Message) form issued to the gangster - his home was shot up in 2013 by rival thugs.

Rice was arrested by Gardaí investigating a kidnap and torture incident at a house in Lucan in October 2010 in which a man was beaten and scalded with boiling water.

He was also questioned by Gardaí about a botched hit on car dealer Michael Frazer at the carpark of a pub in Firhouse, south Dublin, in August, 2014.

Rice and his crew previously told slain Real IRA gang boss Alan Ryan to "f *** off" when the RIRA came looking for protection money in 2011 just months before Ryan was murdered by a different criminal gang.

In October 2014, Rice's home was raided as part of a major investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau.

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