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sadistic acts Paedo Provo dished out sex punishments to teen boys 'convicted' in IRA kangaroo court

Ruby got a huge buzz out of it. I’ve absolutely no doubt about that. It was sexual,” one of his victims told us this week.


Brendan 'Ruby' Davison

Brendan 'Ruby' Davison

Brendan 'Ruby' Davison

Paedo Provo Brendan ‘Ruby’ Davison abused boys found ‘guilty’ by an IRA kangaroo court just days before he died in a hail of UVF bullets.

The IRA boss engaged in a sadistic sexual punishment ritual against three teenage boys he had accused of stealing.

The 6ft-plus republican godfather ordered them to lie on his lap with their jeans at their ankles.

And he beat them over the bare buttocks with a heavy mahogany clothes brush until they bled.

“Ruby got a huge buzz out of it. I’ve absolutely no doubt about that. It was sexual,” one of his victims told us this week.

A senior member of the IRA who served on the Belfast Brigade staff, Brendan Davison (33) died in a hail of loyalist bullets on July 25, 1988.


Scene of his shooting

Scene of his shooting

Scene of his shooting

Last week the Sunday World disclosed details of how Davison had forced a 12-year-old boy to engage in a bizarre cross-dressing sexual ritual before raping him.

Today the Sunday World can also reveal that just days before Davison was killed, his ground floor flat at Friendly Way was the scene of a sordid IRA kangaroo court.

At the time, local hoodlums and thieves – and some who were entirely innocent – were forced to face IRA-style justice in Davison’s home.

Stealing or dealing in stolen goods or bringing police into the area were crimes deemed worthy of a punishment beating.

In Brendan Davison’s ‘court’, accused kids weren’t afforded the luxury of a defence.

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In his living room, Davison performed the roles of judge, jury and sadistic sex pervert.

Earlier this week, a group of middle-aged men from the close knit Market area agreed to meet individually with the Sunday World at a discreet parkland location in south Belfast.


Ruby Davison in his coffin

Ruby Davison in his coffin

Ruby Davison in his coffin

And one man recalled how – days before Davidson died – the senior IRA man organised a kangaroo court in his home.

He appeared to take pleasure in asking victims to choose a ‘weapon’ which would then be used to inflict pain on them.

“I was ordered to call with two friends to Ruby’s flat at a certain time. We had been selling stolen property around the area, which had attracted the attention of the police. We knew we were going to be beaten, but we didn’t think we were going to be sexually molested.

“Ruby ordered us to sit on a settee. He then produced a hammer, an extra-large screwdriver and a big wooden clothes brush with a brass hook on the end of it.

“Ruby told each of us to choose one of them and he said that whichever one we picked would be used on us. We all chose the clothes brush, thinking it was the least dangerous.

“Ruby told us to drop our jeans and underpants to the floor.

“He then marched the three of us along the hallway to a bedroom on the left hand side next to the flat entrance. There was nothing in it apart from a large full-length mirror and a seat.

“Ruby sat down and he ordered each of us to take turns laying across his lap. He then proceeded to batter us on the bare buttocks with the wooden brush. It was incredibly painful. We were all badly bruised and one of the boys was bleeding by the time he was finished. Ruby clearly enjoyed it.

“He got a buzz out of it because he watched it all in the mirror,” he said.

“Ruby Davison was a sex pervert. All the boys in the Market knew it, but he wasn’t the only one. The IRA still has a lot of sordid secrets.”

Davison had spent two years behind bars on the word of a so-called supergrass. And it is believed that it was at this point, the Special Branch signed him up.

Nicknamed ‘Ruby’ because of his liking for the Kenny Rogers hit song Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town, he was perfectly positioned to supply the RUC Special Branch with top-grade information on the IRA.

Lured by the promise of big money and cash bonus payments, Davison quickly surrendered the whereabouts of an IRA arms dump on his home patch.

A hide which had been constructed under the entrance to a house of an elderly Markets resident who supported the IRA, who has since died. It contained a Thompson machine-gun, three AK-47s, pistols and Semtex.

Ruby passed on the details of the location but a British Army raid on the house failed to locate it.

When the soldiers left, IRA men moved in and cleared out the dump before hiding the contents.

An hour later – after further consultation with Ruby – the Army returned to the house they had searched and went straight to the hide at the front door. But it was too late, the arms had gone.

Only a small number of IRA men in the Market area knew the whereabouts of the weaponry at the time and we have learned Ruby was sexually abusing three of them.

After his assassination, Davison was buried with full military honours in the republican plot at Milltown Cemetery on the Falls Road.

His remains were placed less than three yards from the grave of IRA icon Bobby Sands.

In 2017, ‘Ruby’ Davison’s family released a statement rejecting claims he was an informer.

In a statement the family said: “This seems to us to be repeating old information that amounts to little more than tittle tattle about a dead man who can’t challenge or question it in any way.”

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