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CAB NAB Over €100k frozen in raids targeting roofing mob who prey on OAPs


Gardai seized €3,500 in cash and €138k was frozen in three bank accounts after raids in Co Kildare

Gardai seized €3,500 in cash and €138k was frozen in three bank accounts after raids in Co Kildare

Gardai seized €3,500 in cash and €138k was frozen in three bank accounts after raids in Co Kildare

A ruthless mob who swindled an elderly man out of €20,000 has been targeted in a series of raids by gardai.

An operation by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) in Newbridge, Co Kildare, yesterday Gardaí yesterday led to the seizure of €3,500 in cash and funds of €138,511 being frozen in three bank accounts.

The raids targeted a gang involved in guttering and roofing repairs who have been preying on elderly people in the capital and the Greater Dublin Area.

"The incident in Tallaght happened last year when gardaí were made aware that gang members had escorted the elderly gentleman to a local bank where he withdrew €20,000 and gave it to them for work done on his home," a senior source told the Herald.

"The man had not even considered that he was a victim of a crime, he just thought that the work done on his home was of a very poor quality and there can be no doubt that it was.

"He has been identified as one of a number of vulnerable victims of this crew who are approaching elderly people in their homes where they offer to do jobs on their roofs.

"They are charging huge money for this and it really is a very nasty form of criminal activity."

Despite no vehicles being seized by CAB in yesterday's operation, sources said that gang members have been "flaunting their wealth" by driving around in top-of-the range cars.

In a previous raid on the Traveller gang, gardaí seized €103,852 in cash under proceeds of crime legislation in a planned operation in 2018.

The criminals pose as tradesmen and they quote a "good price" for jobs such as cleaning gutters, but in reality they are scam artists.

Sources say that they have been travelling from their Newbridge base all over the capital, targeting elderly people.

Gardaí yesterday announced details of the raids which led to the seizure of €3,500 in cash and funds totalling €138,511 being frozen in three bank accounts.

"Four residential addresses and one professional premises were searched," a garda spokesman said.

"The search operation was conducted by CAB personnel assisted by the ASU, Kildare Divisional Detective Units and the Customs Dog Unit.

"It targeted assets linked to a gang involved in guttering installation and roofing repairs primarily in the Greater Dublin Area. The individuals concerned target the vulnerable and the elderly.

"Today marks a significant development in the ongoing CAB investigation."

The modus operandi of the gang is to call to the home of a victim identified by them beforehand.

It is often the home of an older or frail person living alone and the information is usually gleaned by surveillance or by enquiries made by the culprits locally.

They have also targeted their vulnerable victims because they have been 'successful' there previously.


The Herald can reveal that the mob is one of two gangs operating from Newbridge that are involved in similar types of crime.

The other crew, who were targeted in raids by Tallaght gardaí in May, have links to a Co Kerry-based gang who have netted more than €3.7m by conning vulnerable victims with "home repairs" and who are also big targets for CAB.

This 'tarmac' gang is said to have struck in almost every county here and has also been active in Britain and Europe.

Officers said the criminals have been carrying out the scams for several years and the extent of the profits they have gathered by pretending to be legitimate builders and home-improvement firms has soared.