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Mum reveals full horror of baby abuser David Hubbard's attack on 3-month-old daughter

His daughter, now 32, has waived her right to anonymity in order that we can reveal Hubbard’s heinous crime.

David Hubbard was jailed for four years

Hubbard’s former partner has told of the vile abuse.

Victim Catherine Potts was abused when she was 10

Patrick O'ConnellSunday World

The full depravity of the attack carried out by sexual predator David Hubbard on his three-month-old baby can be revealed today – as the infant’s mother breaks a 32-year enforced silence on the shocking crime

Vile Hubbard – who we unmasked as a predator after he was convicted of a sexual assault on 10-year-old Catherine Potts in Wicklow – almost killed his own daughter on Christmas morning 1990 by inserting a ‘blunt instrument’ into the three-month-old’s vagina.

Such was the brutality of the attack, the infant suffered a severe rupture, had to undergo six hours of surgery and spent four weeks in hospital before she could be released.

Hubbard later pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and was jailed for four years, but he was not identified at the time to protect his victim.

His daughter, now 32, has waived her right to anonymity in order that we can reveal Hubbard’s heinous crime.

And, this week, her mother, met with us to reveal the full horror of what happened that Christmas morning.

“It was seven minutes past three on Christmas morning when he came into my bedroom and said I want to show you something,” she recalled with horror.

“I’ll never forget the look on his face. I thought he was after buying me a big Christmas present.

“I don’t know how to describe it, he looked so excited.

Hubbard’s former partner has told of the vile abuse.

“So, I went down the stairs and when I got to the sitting room all I could see was the baby in her nappy and I could see the red coming through it.

“Her face was pure white under her strawberry hair and I remember thinking she was gone.

“I didn’t think it was blood even though I could see it coming through.” The woman, who was then just 18, had been in a relationship with Hubbard and recalls that she had gotten pregnant the first time they had sex.

But she left the vile sex beast – who had been violent towards her throughout her pregnancy – and returned home with the infant to live with her parents after their child suffered a head injury in Hubbard’s care at just four weeks old.

Hubbard, who was then 20, said the injury had occurred as a result of an accidental fall from the couch.

On the night of the attack on the child, the woman says she pleaded with her parents to allow him stay with them as it was their baby’s first Christmas.

“They agreed but they said he had to stay downstairs and I had to stay upstairs,” she recalls sadly.

“The baby was downstairs with him.”

After Hubbard, who feigned innocence and shock, brought her down to see the catastrophic injuries he had inflicted on their baby, the woman said she ran upstairs to get help.

“I ran upstairs to get Mammy,” she said.

“And Daddy came down too and told him (Hubbard) to get the doctor.

Victim Catherine Potts was abused when she was 10

“The ambulance and the fire brigade arrived and it was them who alerted the Gardai.”

The woman said she went with the baby in the ambulance – travelling so fast it almost went off the road at one stage.

“When we got to Harcourt Street, the doctors were waiting,” she said.

“I was freaking out and I said to one of the doctors: ‘What’s happening, what’s wrong with her?’

“And he turned around to me and said: ‘I think you know.’ “That stuck in my head for a long time – even though he apologised after.

“They took her in for surgery, six hours that lasted, and she had to get sutured from back to front.

“The injuries were life threatening, I had to give her blood. And, I didn’t know if she was going to make it.

“Afterwards, they said she’d live but she might never have babies. Thank God, she has four children now.

“I stayed with her in the hospital.

“And then they (the hospital administrators) put a photo of him (Hubbard) in reception saying: ‘no visits, no phone calls’.

“That’s when it all started."

The woman said she only learned what Hubbard had done to their baby when the doctors told her two days later. I couldn’t believe it at first – I didn’t want to believe it.

“But my Mammy said to me: ‘It’s done now and there’s nothing we can do about that, but we have to keep him away from the child’.”

The woman said she still remembers the two gardaí coming in to speak with her in the hospital as if it was yesterday.

“Det Pat Hayes and John Foley,” she recalled.

“They were a great support. They never doubted me.”

The woman said she and her baby stayed in a small room in the hospital for a month before a decision was made that the tot could be released.

“After that, Mammy and Daddy got guardianship of my baby because some girls do go back to these people, not this girl, but some girls do go back to them.

“And, after that, she was raised as my sister.”

The woman said she told her daughter who she really was when “at the age of 16, she came and asked me about it because kids were saying to her that she was adopted. I told her then.”

Hubbard was eventually brought to justice after blood from the tot was discovered on boxers he’d been wearing on the night of the attack.

“My mum was changing or washing the bed sheets and she found Hubbard’s boxers with blood on them,” the woman recalled.

“She went straight to the guards and they tested the blood and it was hers (the baby’s).”

The woman said Hubbard subsequently attacked her a number of times in Wicklow town – even throwing her through the window of a dry cleaners on one occasion.

“The guards came and they arrested them and while he was in custody for that they showed him the boxers with the blood on them.

“He admitted it then but said he was changing her nappy and his finger had slipped.”

It would take two years for Hubbard to be locked up for what he did to his own baby daughter. During this period, he repeatedly threatened the woman.

“I had to get a Garda escort from 1990 to 1992 when he got locked up,” the woman continued.

“I couldn’t even bring her (the baby) outside the door with me.”

Hubbard was jailed for four years at Dublin Circuit Court on May 18, 1992, after he pleaded guilty to a single charge of occasioning grievous bodily harm on his three-month-old daughter.


Det Pat Hayes told the court that Hubbard had assaulted his daughter on Christmas morning 1990 by shoving a blunt instrument into her vagina.

The incident was described as ‘a heinous crime’ by the judge who said it was hard to understand why Hubbard had done this.

“Me and the baby, she’s grown up now, are sisters,” the woman said this week..

“I got the life sentence, I gave up my child, I gave up motherhood and even now her children don’t know I’m their grandmother. Mammy and Daddy were so good to do this … it meant we got to keep her. But it broke my heart.”

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