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Train terror Mum of Dart attack suspect threatens to sue Irish Rail over CCTV footage leak

"She was angry that her son was visible in the footage and she's looking to get a claim out of it."


Seconds before girl disappeared under the train onto the tracks.

Seconds before girl disappeared under the train onto the tracks.

Seconds before girl disappeared under the train onto the tracks.

The mother of a boy suspected of involvement in the horrifying Dart incident that saw a girl knocked under a train, is considering legal action because CCTV footage was leaked.

Gardaí arrested three teenagers this week in relation to the shocking attack at Howth Junction Dart Station in Donaghmede, which happened on April 1.

Footage, which was seen on social media, showed a number of young women running to the Dart, past a group of male youths who kicked, lunged and swung their bikes at them, before one chilling moment when a girl slipped and fell under the train.

Thankfully, a security guard and passenger signalled to the driver not to move and pulled the girl from the tracks.

While it happened a month and a half ago, there was widespread revulsion and ­condemnation when the incident was seen on social media recently.

Gardaí arrested three boys - two 16-year-olds and a 13-year-old - this week, as part of their investigation into the shocking incident.

The Sunday World can reveal that the mother of one of the suspects has complained that the footage showing her son was leaked. And she is threatening to sue Irish Rail, as it was taken from that company's cameras.

A source said: "She was angry that her son was visible in the footage and she's looking to get a claim out of it."

A spokesman for Irish Rail confirmed that an investigation is underway into how the footage was made public.

"Customers have a right to expect that station CCTV is used for their safety and security, and to assist investigations, not to be distributed in an unauthorised manner," the spokesman said.

"While our foremost priority is to assist the gardaí in ensuring those responsible are brought to justice, we are also investigating the unauthorised distribution of this footage and have reported the matter to the Data Protection Commissioner."

The three teenagers have been released without charge while investigations continue.

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Gardaí are satisfied they have identified the main people involved and are hopeful of bringing charges against them.

They have seized mobile phones, clothes and bikes as part of the investigation.

The teens who lunged at the girls are more likely to face criminal charges rather than be dealt with by the Youth Diversion Programme, which prevents young offenders and children involved in anti-social behaviour from entering the full criminal justice system.

They could potentially face charges of ­violent disorder or endangerment.

There has been a spate of anti-social ­incidents involving teenagers around the Dart line in north Dublin in recent months, and sources says they are particularly bad when the weather is good.

Due to the wave of anti-social incidents extra patrols were assigned to Dart ­stations earlier this year but they were pulled for budgetary reasons.

The recent incidents are likely to see more operations targeting anti-social behaviour along the Dart line.

"A lot of the stations aren't manned so ­teenagers can just walk in hang out, smoke joints and cause trouble," sources said.

"There are security working on the Dart but the young lads aren't scared of them and they know that if they lay a hand on them they'll be looking for claims.

"As soon as the weather is good again they'll be back."

Malahide is another hotspot on the line, which has seen anti-social behaviour in recent weeks including a mass brawl between youths, assaults and an incident where youths jumped on a car with a family inside.

There have also been confrontations ­between adults and some of the teens involved in the anti-social behaviour.

"This stuff is going on constantly and a lot of it doesn't even get reported," said a source.

Gardaí say they are still appealing to those who were present at the time of the Howth Junction incident or to anyone who can assist in this investigation to come forward.

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