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Legal fight Mobster Daniel Kinahan offers to testify 'under penalty of perjury' in US RICO case

Mob boss faces four years in state prison if caught in a lie


The President of the World Boxing Council has made extraordinary claims about Daniel Kinahan

The President of the World Boxing Council has made extraordinary claims about Daniel Kinahan

Kinahan’s signed declaration

Kinahan’s signed declaration


The President of the World Boxing Council has made extraordinary claims about Daniel Kinahan

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan has offered to testify before a US court, under penalty of perjury, that he is not employed by MTK, the boxing company he founded.

The high-stakes legal move could lead to Kinahan being cross-examined in court for the first time on his involvement with both MTK and the Kinahan Organised Crime Group – and, in particular, his alleged involvement in murders, drug trafficking and money-laundering.

Furthermore, if Kinahan is caught in a lie he could face spending up to four years in a state prison in the US as perjury is a felony offence in the California – punishable by prison and a US$10,000 fine.

In a signed declaration submitted to the court on Tuesday, in a case revolving around MTK’s alleged poaching of Mexican boxer JoJo Diaz from manager Moses Heredia, Kinahan writes: “I, Daniel Kinahan, declare as follows … and if called upon as a witness, I could and would competently testify thereto.

“I have been and am currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“I do not conduct any business in the state of California.

“I do not own any real property in the state of California.

“I do not work for and am not employed by MTK Global Sports Management, LLC, MTK Global USA …”

Kinahan's latest filing has been described as ‘significant’ because, if he convinces the court to set aside a default in the case that was entered against him and MTK in absentia, he will have to defend himself in the lawsuit.

And this means that not only will he faces questions about his role with MTK – but he is also likely to be grilled over his involvement in organised crime.

In the declaration, filed on Tuesday, Kinahan also disputes the claim he was legally served in Dubai in connection with the case.

A default against Kinahan was entered on this basis after it was stated to be the case by rival promoter Heredia, who is seeking up to US$2 million damages from Kinahan and MTK.


Kinahan’s signed declaration

Kinahan’s signed declaration

Kinahan’s signed declaration

Kinahan states the P.O. Box the summons was sent to is not associated with him.

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“I do not receive mail at the P.O. Box 454833, Al Barsha Post Office, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,” he writes.

“This is not a P.O. box that is associated with me not do I have access to this P.O. box.

“I have also never used that P.O. box.”

He also states he does not receive emails at the email ‘r.reynolds@mtkglobal.com’ which the summons was emailed to.

Kinahan continues: “I do not personally know Moses Heredia. And I have not met with anyone from Heredia Boxing Management Inc.

“I have not spoken with Moses Heredia, or anyone from Heredia Boxing Management, Inc.

“I do not have any dealings with Moses Heredia or Heredia Boxing Management Inc.

“I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing statements are true and correct.”

The declaration was executed on March 14th, 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Kinahan’s filing comes just days after the Sunday World revealed how MTK denied to the same court it is a front for a ‘European Drugs Cartel’ – which gardai believe is run by Kinahan.


Fighter Joseph ‘JoJo’ Diaz

Fighter Joseph ‘JoJo’ Diaz

Fighter Joseph ‘JoJo’ Diaz

MTK Global is also seeking to set aside a ‘default’ entered against the company in the case concerning the alleged poaching of boxer JoJo Diaz.

In its filings, MTK Global also denied that Heredia had properly served it with a summons in Dubai and furthermore described allegations concerning MTK’s involvement in organised crime as ‘wild.”

“Mr. Heredia’s RICO claims fail,” submitted MTK Global’s lawyer David Harris, “because, contrary to his wild allegations, MTK Global is not a front for a European drug cartel, does not engage in money laundering, and does not make money from the sale of illicit drugs; rather, MTK Global is a successful and well-respected boxing management and promotions company.”

In early February, the Sunday World revealed how defaults in the multimillion case had been entered against mob boss Daniel Kinahan and MTK Global by lawyers for Heredia – after the court was informed neither had responded to court summons.

This gave Kinahan and MTK Global a period 45 days to avoid having a full default judgement issued against them in favour of Heredia – who is understood to be seeking damages of up to US$2 million over MTK’s alleged poaching of Diaz.


Eric Montalvo

Eric Montalvo

Eric Montalvo

Heredia’s lawyer Eric Montalvo has previously vowed he will seek to have Kinahan’s assets in his Dubai bolthole frozen to pay off the judgement.

Kinahan continues to live a life of luxury in Dubai while a large number of his criminal associates serve lengthy sentences in Ireland.

Previously, in legal documents filed by lawyer and former marine Eric Montalvo on behalf of Heredia Boxing Management (HBM), he stated that the company had a five-year contract to represent Mr Diaz which expired in 2022.

The suit alleged MTK lured Mr Diaz away by offering him a $100,000 advance on his next prize purse which “essentially caused Mr Diaz to mortgage his future away.”

The papers also alleged MTK funded a campaign against Heredia in an effort to get it to release Mr Diaz as a client.

This included the sending of “threatening” letters and social media posts smearing Heredia.

The suit further alleged Kinahan still controls MTK and uses fights and its fighters to launder money from his international drugs trafficking operations.

Furthermore, it accused MTK and Kinahan of breaching the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (Rico) Act by using money derived from organised crime activity.

The Rico Act was introduced by the federal government to tackle organised crime, but it can also be used in civil suits.

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