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Targeting millions Marine turned lawyer leading Daniel Kinahan case vows to travel world to seize mobster's assets

Kinahan has been accused of alleged racketeering in a civil case being brought against him in California


 Mob boss Daniel Kinahan

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan

A former marine turned lawyer who is leading a civil case against mob boss Daniel Kinahan has vowed to travel across the world to seize assets from the Dubliner.

Kinahan has been accused of alleged racketeering in a civil case being brought against him in California.

Court papers filed by .Eric Montalvo and his team on behalf of Jojo Diaz’s contracted management company Heredia Boxing Management (HBM) state the company has a a five-year contract to represent Mr Diaz which expires in 2022.

The suit alleges MTK lured Mr Diaz away by offering him a $100,000 advance on his next prize purse which “essentially caused Mr Diaz to mortgage his future away.”

The suit further alleges Kinahan uses fighters to launder money from his international drugs trafficking operations.

MTK Global has consistently denied having any formal business relationship with Daniel Kinahan.

Montalvo directed agents who were able to serve Kinahan with papers in Dubai earlier this year ordering his appearance in court and he said he is in the process of preparing to serve him again with fresh documents.

He said if Kinahan and MTK don’t respond he will seek a judgement and go after Kinahan’s assets.

He said they were looking at securing millions from Kinahan.


Lawyer and ex-marine Eric Montalvo.

Lawyer and ex-marine Eric Montalvo.

Lawyer and ex-marine Eric Montalvo.

“They’ve done quite a bit of damage and we’re looking for several million dollars. Does that bother Daniel Kinahan?

"Probably not at the end of the day, but it will make a difference for Mr Heredia,” he told the Plastic Paddy YouTube channel.

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“From a legal standpoint the question is how do I get the money.

“I have to go across the earth to try and seize assets and get other governments to help me and all that.

“That’s my problem and I’ll figure it out.”

He said a significant development in the case was they were able to establish that MTK had set up a US corporate presence.

“The one big development is MTK has established a corporate presence in the US which is interesting. It is my position that Daniel Kinahan is absolutely still involved in this business so as you may be aware, he’s been declared persona non grata.

He can’t travel to the US and there’s about 20 of them that cannot from his organisation.

“This is not me; I’m not making this up. These are governments and the governments are making this determination.

“I certainly think the fact that they are so bold as to establish a corporate physical presence in the US is quite remarkable to me.”

He accused MTK of putting out misinformation when it comes to Kinahan’s involvement in the business.

However, last year lawyers for MTK Global told BBC's Panorama that while Mr Kinahan "provides some personal advice to a number of boxers managed by MTK Global", he had never owned, controlled or been an employee of the company.

Mr Montalvo said: “MTK is all about misinformation. They’re taking a position that Daniel Kinahan is not really part of us and he’s not really doing anything and he’s hiding out in Dubai so I can’t touch him or serve him and this and that but that’s not going to bear out. Clearly, he has a hand in things.

"Social media reflects that, fighters reflect that. it just doesn’t pass muster. A US judge is not going to ignore the facts and all the statements.”

He said he is about to have Kinahan served fresh documents as part of the case.

“We’re in a process of reserving him again for the amended complaint so I’m not going to disclose how we got that accomplished [the first time] but suffice to say there’s a process, we know what the process is.

“He’s been served and he’s going to get served again. He may try to dispute that but he’s going to lose that argument really quickly.

“I’ve been in Dubai over the last 10 years - at least 25 to 30 times for extended periods of time - so I’m familiar with the jurisdiction and have done business over there. For me that’s not a challenge but I can see if you’ve never done it before it could be overwhelming.”

Montalvo said information which is brought up in the civil case could lead to criminal charges further down the line.

“The Department of justice would have to evaluate whether their interests or resources in that case would meet the criteria.

“I would say civil discovery is a lot more broad than criminal discovery and I think there will be information that we’ll obtain during the process that would be of interest to the government if they should be interested in getting that.”

In recent years, MTK has repeatedly claimed Kinahan has stepped away from the company.

Last year, a witness statement heard at the High Court in London from MTK’s then CEO Sandra McClumpha who claimed the company’s ties to Kinahan were severed when she took charge three years ago.

Ms McClumpha won a court order against a Twitter user, known only as ‘Whistleblower’, who posted tweets about MTK and Kinahan.

She said: “A great number of the tweets published by the defendant are directed at Mr Kinahan directly, and to MTK by alleged association.

“Mr Kinahan has no interest in (or association with) MTK whatsoever.

“I deny unequivocally MTK’s association with any criminal enterprise.

“As CEO of MTK, I have never had to assist the police with any criminal enquiries, whether about an association with Mr Kinahan or otherwise.

“The business of MTK is commercial and entirely legitimate in every way possible.”

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