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Man who tried to bite officer after calling him 'Nazi' says he 'can't help' assaulting cops

“If I do it again I’m definitely going to prison – which won’t be so bad because you can get cheaper drugs and tobacco inside.”
Odhran Geraghty says he can’t help attacking police officers

Odhran Geraghty says he can’t help attacking police officers

Steve Moore

A boozed-up thug who tried to bite one PSNI officer and chucked a stinking sock at another has admitted he “can’t help” assaulting cops.

Odhran Geraghty told the Sunday World, after his latest run in with the law where he tried to bite a cop and called him a “Nazi”, he’s really “not a bad lad”.

He says he’s lucky he didn’t get sent to jail as he was already on a suspended sentence for assaulting four more cops earlier last year – head-butting one in the process and actually biting a female cop.

But the 24-year-old told us: “If I do it again I’m definitely going to prison – which won’t be so bad because you can get cheaper drugs and tobacco inside.”

And he reveals he was getting stopped in his car so much by the police he got a fake pizza delivery sign fitted in the hope they’d leave him alone!

Last week at Belfast Magistrates’ Court the 24-year-old from Glenhurst Drive, Newtownabbey escaped jail for the shocking incident during which he also called officers arresting him “black b******s who just murder people”.

Antrim man Odhran Geraghty, who tried to bite PSNI officer after branding him a 'Nazi'

Antrim man Odhran Geraghty, who tried to bite PSNI officer after branding him a 'Nazi'

The court heard Geraghty was guilty of using racial slurs and throwing a sock at a police officer while in custody.

Instead of prison he was ordered to complete probation and community service for the outburst a prosecutor said had been aggravated by racial slurs.

When confronted by us Geraghty – who was polite and courteous throughout despite his appalling attitude towards the police – was confused as to which incident of assaulting cops we were talking about.

“Is the one at the petrol station or the one down at the Spar where the cop spear tackled me to the ground?” he asked.

“You see, I was done for assaulting four cops about this time last year. I just can’t help it when I’m drunk and I see the cops.”

When it was established that we wanted to know about the time he called the cop a Nazi and the court was told there were racial slurs he denied that was what happened.

“There were no racial slurs, that’s not true,” said Geraghty. “They were both white, I just called them British Nazi b******s! There’s nothing racist about that!

“It’s true I did throw my sock at them though. I thought they were taking me home from the petrol station but then they took me Musgrave (PSNI Station).

“That’s when I lost the plot and started shouting the abuse. They were strip searching me and the guy was taking ages – I was standing there freezing so I took my sock off and chucked it at him and it landed in his mouth.

“He went bonkers, though I’m not surprised, I’d been drinking for three days and the sock was stinking.

“He grabbed my arm, I think he must have done Judo or something because he put my arm up my back and threw me to the ground and hog-tied me and threw me into my cell like you’d throw a kid into a swimming pool.

“When I got into the cell I stuffed my trousers into the toilet and flooded the place and then remembered I was going to have to sleep in there for the whole night so it wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

“That’s not really what I’m like, honestly, I’m just a nightmare when I’m drunk.”

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard he’d been shouting abuse at officers near a petrol station on the Crumlin Road on October 11 last year.

Geraghty was told to move on but ignored the warnings.

A Crown lawyer said: “He continued swearing a police, (saying) ‘black b******s, they just murder people”.

Following arrest Geraghty continued to be verbally abusive towards one of the officers.

“He called him a Nazi and shouted racist slurs,” the prosecutor added.

District Judge Mark McGarrity heard he then lunged at the constable in an attempt to bite his arm and threw a rolled-up sock at another officer.

Geraghty’s barrister, Michael Boyd claimed his client’s troubles could be traced back to an undisclosed, traumatic event in the past.

Antrim man Odhran Geraghty

Antrim man Odhran Geraghty

“He had been using drugs as a coping mechanism to deal with that,” counsel said.

Despite Geraghty being in breach of a previous suspended sentence, Judge McGarrity decided not to send him to prison.

Instead imposing 18 months’ probation and 80 hours community service, he said: “I think there’s potential for him to overcome his difficulties if he applies his mind to it.”

Speaking to us from his home Geraghty said he just couldn’t leave the cops alone when he’d been drinking.

“They were stopping me so much when I was driving I got myself a Dominos pizza sign so they’d think I was delivering pizza and would leave me alone!

“I was at the Spar on the Serpentine Road about this time last year when the cops were in the shop and I called them ‘Black B******s’ and then I saw my opportunity and just head-butted one of them.

“That’s when this female cop spear tackled me – like something out of American football. I just saw this white sleeve come past me and I bit her. I heard her scream, ‘He’s just bitten me’.”

Geraghty says he suffers from PTSD and anxiety and has been the victim of several attacks himself and that’s why the judge has given him another chance to address his substance misuse and alcohol problems.

“You know I didn’t have a criminal record until I was 21 and I used to work as a welder in London,” he says.

“Now my criminal record is so long they have to staple it all together! I’m going to try and stay out of bother and off the drugs.

“I know if I f**k up again, I’m going to jail for sure.”

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