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Wife's plea Killer Dave Mahon's wife says he is a 'good man' ahead of his prison release

"We’ve both done our time and we both just want to live hopefully, peacefully, the rest of our lives together"


Dave Mahon pictured previously with Audrey

Dave Mahon pictured previously with Audrey

Dave Mahon pictured previously with Audrey

Audrey Fitzpatrick has asked the public to give her killer husband Dave a chance when he finally gets out of prison. 

Mahon is due to get out of prison on July 29, having served nearly five years for stabbing Audrey's only son Dean (23) to death in May 2013 at Northern Cross, north Dublin.

Her only other child, daughter Amy (15), mysteriously disappeared on New Year's Day 2008 from the home the teen shared in Spain with the controversial couple.

Despite the fact Mahon killed her son, Audrey has said she is “asking people to give us a chance”.


Dave Mahon during his trial in 2016.

Dave Mahon during his trial in 2016.

Dave Mahon during his trial in 2016.

“He done (sic) his time and I’ve done time as well,” she told the Irish Daily Star.

“We’ve both done our time and we both just want to live hopefully, peacefully, the rest of our lives together.

“People expect that I should have turned my back on him, even though I know what a good man he is.

“I never speak bad about my son, but nobody knows what my son was like and what we were going through.

“It wasn’t his fault, and he didn’t deserve what happened to him,” she added. “But if it had of turned out the other way around, if Dave hadn’t have taken the knife off him and Dean had used the knife on Dave, what would people think then?”


Dean Fitzpatrick died at 23

Dean Fitzpatrick died at 23

Dean Fitzpatrick died at 23

Audrey (53) has been renovating her home in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, as she prepares for Dave’s release from Wheatfield Prison next Thursday.

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Earlier this month we revealed how Audrey had told locals Mahon will be moving into her council house in a sleepy estate when he gets out of prison later this month.

The couple also have plans to eventually move back to Spain, where Mahon is believed to own a house in the hills near Fuengirola.

One local says Audrey generally keeps herself to herself.

But he admits people will be wary of Mahon, who was caged in 2016.

"People will be afraid of him," he said.

An elderly couple reacted in shock when told Mahon was planning to live amongst them in the house Audrey moved into three and a half years ago.

A middle-aged man nearby was more sympathetic to Audrey.

"We heard he's getting out," he pointed out. "She keeps herself to herself and best of luck to her."

While Audrey has plans to go to Wexford with Mahon and then move him into her home, she has said recently that she plans to go to Spain next April to mark what would have been Amy's 30th birthday.

She and Mahon moved to the west of Ireland town shortly after Dean's death, where they lived in a flat near the centre of the town.

During his trial, Mahon tried to claim that Dean was suicidal and plunged the knife into his own body during a fight over a water bottle - but the jury rejected the evidence.

Audrey has remained loyal to Mahon despite him stabbing her son to death.

Mahon was diagnosed with cancer of the throat and nose in early 2018.

She previously recalled the moment Mahon told her of his cancer news.

"He just said 'It's cancer', that's all he said to me and like that I just stopped in the middle of the street and started crying."

"He just said 'Stop crying, it's going to be ok'. All I said was what the hell else can happen to us?" she said.

She has occasionally visited her husband in jail, sometimes accompanied by his father.

Tragic teenager Amy went missing on New Year's Eve 2008 after leaving a friend's house in Mijas Costa, on the Costa del Sol, to walk back to her home.


Missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick

Missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick

Missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick

She had lived in Spain with her mother, Mahon and younger brother Dean.

Audrey Fitzpatrick had left the family home in Clare Hall, Dublin, to be with Mahon, then a well-off estate agent on the Malaga coast, taking Amy and Dean with her.

Dean and Amy's heartbroken father, Christopher Fitzpatrick, previously said that he is still devastated by the tragic fate of the two children he had with Audrey.

"I am devastated over the loss of my two children. Things will never be the same since Dave Mahon came into my children's lives," Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Christine Kenny, an aunt of Dean and Amy, continues to campaign for information about her niece's disappearance.

Ms Kenny is the sister of Christopher Fitzpatrick, Dean and Amy's father.

In an interview last December, Ms Kenny said that the family do not hold out hope that Amy is alive but called on the Government to begin a cold-case review.

"We have had numerous protests outside the Dáil and handed in petitions to the Government," she said.

"This was an Irish child who went missing overseas, but the Government did nothing," she added.

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