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Nadine Murder Killer Daniel Murtagh told witness: 'You don’t know what I’ve done, I’ve killed my wife'

Evil Murtagh, who hours later claimed to gardaí he had 'only hit Nadine a few slaps' made the chilling confessions to dad-of-three John Begley


Nadine Lott was beaten to death by Murtagh.

Nadine Lott was beaten to death by Murtagh.

Nadine Lott was beaten to death by Murtagh.

The man who located killer Daniel Murtagh - after he inflicted the fatal beating on ex-girlfriend Nadine Lott - has told how the brute twice confessed the murder to him, saying: "You don't know what I've done, I've killed my wife.'

Evil Daniel Murtagh, who hours later claimed to gardaí he had 'only hit Nadine a few slaps' made the chilling confessions to dad-of-three John Begley - after crashing his car while fleeing the murder scene.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday World, Mr Begley today recalls:

How he happened on Murtagh standing 'shoeless' and 'swaying' on the side of the road after the thug crashed his car into a ditch near Bookies Bridge, Laragh, on the morning of December 14, 2019;

How Murtagh, who smelled strongly of alcohol, asked him to tell his family 'he was sorry' - but offered no such apology to Nadine or her family;

And how the brute still had 'dried blood on his hands and head from the brutal beating he'd inflicted on Nadine - which Mr. Begley initially believed came from cuts caused in the car accident.


Witness John Begley.

Witness John Begley.

Witness John Begley.

Mr Begley also told us he is 'glad' that Murtagh was convicted of murder and hopes the testimony he gave at the trial helped get justice for the innocent mum of one and her family.

Speaking publicly for the only time since giving evidence in the harrowing trial, Mr Begley said he was also glad Murtagh will receive the mandatory life sentence.

"I would think that's the right sentence for what he did," Mr Begley said.

"He deserves life, without a doubt.

"I know he blamed drink and drugs, and he put them things forward as an excuse for the condition he was in, but people have to be responsible for what they do, even with drink and drugs involved.

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"I read he'd done boxing for years - so one blow from him to her!

"She didn't stand a chance."


Daniel Murtagh.

Daniel Murtagh.

Daniel Murtagh.


Recalling the events of the morning of December 14, 2019, Mr Begley told how he and his wife had been on their way to go shopping when they happened on Murtagh's car in the ditch near Bookies Bridge.

"Myself and my wife were on the way down to go shopping when I saw the car up on the ditch after crashing into a tree," he recalled.

"I assumed it was a guy who had been at a Christmas party because this was the 14th of December.

"And then I saw him at the GAA pitch."

Mr Begley said when he first saw Murtagh he was standing upright.

"He was swaying from the waist up ... at the edge of the road," he said.

"Then, as we were driving by, he fell to the ground. That's when I stopped"

Mr Begley said he went to Murtagh's aid as wife rang 999.

"We put a coat and umbrella over him because it was raining," he said.

"What I noticed then, was that he had no shoes on him and his trousers were down around his knees. He must have been holding his trousers up with his hands."


Killer Daniel Murtagh being brought to court.

Killer Daniel Murtagh being brought to court.

Killer Daniel Murtagh being brought to court.


Mr Begley said as he knelt by Murtagh, he could smell the alcohol off him.

"I was trying to get words out of him because he was very ... well, he'd had a few beers and I could smell the alcohol."

Mr Begley said he remained with Murtagh in that position for about half an hour before the gardaí arrived.

"The guards walked over and looked at him and then one of them just put his thumbs up to me," Mr Begley said.

"I didn't know what to make of that.

"Then the guards stood off talking, so I went back to him.

"And that's when he said it: 'You don't know what I've done!'

"I said: 'Look, you've had a few beers and crashed the car but there's no harm done.'

"No', he says, 'you don't know what I've done, I've killed my wife."

"And then he says, 'I hope she's not dead.'

"It was weird!

"Of course, the first time he said it, it didn't strike me at all.

"But then he said it a second time.

"The first time, it had gone over my head but the second time he said it I was really taken aback. And within seconds of that, the Armed Response Unit arrived.

"The penny dropped then."

Mr Begley said as more gardaí and the paramedics arrived at the scene, Murtagh kept talking.

"He told me his name was Daniel and that he was from Clondalkin and that he had a six-year-old child with Nadine," Mr Begley recalled.

"And he said he was sorry. He said: 'Tell my family I'm sorry'."


The family of Nadine Lott outside court.

The family of Nadine Lott outside court.

The family of Nadine Lott outside court.


Asked to describe Murtagh's appearance as he lay on the road, Mr Begley said it was a far cry from how he looked in the pictures later published online and in the newspapers.

"Those didn't look like the same fella I was looking at on the ground," he said.

"When you saw him in Australia, he looked in good shape like he'd been training.

"But on the ground, maybe it was to do with the drink, he looked different. Also, he had dried blood on his hands and his head that I had assumed was from the car accident."

Mr Begley said when he heard the full details of what Murtagh had done to Nadine emerged in court he was shocked.

State Pathologist Linda Mulligan testified that the beauty therapist had died as a result of 64 separate and serious injuries, including 'traumatic head, neck and chest injuries', and that her brain was swollen following a 'sustained and violent attack' in her home.

The jury also heard from the expert witness that the blunt force injuries were caused by hands, fists or feet and that the use of a blunt weapon could not be ruled out

"When it all came out, what he'd done. I was shocked," Mr Begley said.

"I am so sorry that Nadine's family had to go through that and then relieve the whole thing all over again in court.

"It had to be very hard for them, horrific, especially given the extent of the injuries that he put into her.

Mr Begley said people have asked him whether he would have stopped that morning if he had known what Murtagh had done.

"I don't know the answer to that," he told the Sunday World.

"But I'm glad I did come across him because of the way things turned out.

"If he had got away and made it to wherever he was heading, and I can only assume he was heading back to Clondalkin and keeping off the main roads, then he could have made it out of the country or worse hurt somebody else.

"I'm very glad that didn't happen."

Asked if there was any message he would like to convey to Nadine's family, Mr Begley said that it was difficult to put his feelings into words.

"I don't know what I could say to Nadine's family.

"I don't know how to put it other than to say I'm so sorry for their loss and sorry they had to relieve the whole situation again.

"I'm glad it's over and I just hope the family gotten some justice for Nadine now."

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