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Sick OAP Rape 'It was in his head to rape my aunt. She thinks as soon as he gets out he'll come back to finish her off'


Gardai arrived to the woman's house to witness 'commotion inside'

Gardai arrived to the woman's house to witness 'commotion inside'

Gardai arrived to the woman's house to witness 'commotion inside'

THE family of an 86-year-old woman, sexually assaulted by a thug after he broke into her home, says she will die of shock if she learns he is to be released from prison in just 14 months’ time.

The woman’s nephew is now calling on the Director of Public Prosecutions to immediately appeal a three-year and nine-month sentence handed down to sex predator Shane Smith (30) – who had already served two years in custody before he was sentenced last week.

“Any man who’d come along and break into an old woman’s house to do that to her, he’s nothing more than the sweepings of hell,” her nephew told the Sunday World.

“He is the lowest form of life known to man. He knew rightly she was an old woman living in that house alone.

“And he went in there to do that to her.

“He said it to the guards…it was in his head to rape her and that just breaks my heart.

“She doesn’t go to Mass anymore...she won’t go outside the door. She is a prisoner in her home now, and will be until the day she dies, and this is a woman who went to Mass every holy day of her life.

“Now, as soon as it gets dark every day she’s terrified. She thinks as soon as he gets out of jail he’s going to come back to finish her off.”

On the same day, Smith was sentenced for the attack on the pensioner he was also given a concurrent three-year sentence for a second violent attack in which he battered his sister’s boyfriend with a shovel and repeatedly stabbed him with a Stanley knife.

Because the sentence is concurrent Smith won’t serve a single extra day behind bars for the second attack.

And because the thug qualifies for standard remission of 25 per cent off his sentence, he is now scheduled to be released from prison in April of 2021.

“My aunt’s only comfort was in thinking he’d get 10 or 12 years for what he did to her and to Daniel Miller (the man he attacked with the shovel),” her nephew continued.

“It was in her head that she’s 86 years old and that if he got that she’d probably have passed away before he gets out.

“I told her after the court he got at least four years to do in jail and that’s what she thinks.

“If she knew how quickly he is really getting out it would kill her.

“I just didn’t have the heart to tell her.

“It cannot be left like this…that’s why we’re doing this interview.

“The DPP needs to appeal this sentence…there has to be justice done.”

Prior to his sentencing hearing, Cavan Circuit Court heard graphic and detailed evidence of the horrific ordeal that Smith had subjected the pensioner to in the early hours of April 6, 2018 and of the separate attack he carried out on his sister’s partner Daniel Miller months earlier.

The court heard gardaí and the pensioner’s family became aware of the break-in at her home after a monitored alarm operator responded to her panic button being pressed shortly after 5am.

The operator could hear “a lot of shouting” and a “male voice” before the connection was cut off.

The woman later told gardaí she went to bed after 10pm the evening before and was woken at about 4.30am to a “rattling noise” at her back door.

She could hear a man talking and she shouted back she was not letting anyone into her house. He then went round to the back door and smashed the window with a rock before climbing through it and attacking her.

“He was on top of me” she said, and was so heavy she felt she couldn’t breathe.

As Smith tried repeatedly to pull down the woman’s pants and undergarments, holding her down with one hand, she fought back sticking her fingers into his eye to try to “blind” him and pulling at his ear.

“He wouldn’t let me up,” said the woman, who estimates the ordeal lasted for about 20 minutes.

She told gardaí: “I thought I was going to die”.

It was only when lights from a garda car appeared in the driveway that Smith fled.

The pensioner suffered a fractured left wrist arising from the incident, and a cut to her foot from standing on the broken glass from the window Smith smashed.

Weeks later she had to have two stents inserted into her heart.

Gda Tony O’Reilly said when he arrived at the woman’s house he witnessed a “commotion inside”, while Gda David Pryce drew his baton and struck Smith as he fled the scene.

Smith was arrested later that morning at his home, and a total of six interviews were carried out.

Smith initially denied the attack before admitting it was him in CCTV footage in the fourth interview, and that the condom found at the front of the house was his.

“Yeah, I was wearing that,” he said.

When put to him that his intention was to rape the 86-year-old, he told gardaí: “It was probably in my head.”

He added that the idea of sexually assaulting the woman had “crossed my mind, but I didn’t”.

“I didn’t have it in me,” he added, noting that he had been distracted by gardaí arriving at the house.

Gardaí later also spoke with another elderly woman living in the same area who told them Smith had banged on her door at 2.45am that morning saying he was “looking for sex”.

Sentencing Smith, Judge John Aylmer described the sexual assault as in the midrange of offences and took into consideration that it was committed on an elderly and vulnerable person, that there was forced entry and substantial violence.

He imposed a sentence of four-and-a-half years with the last nine months suspended to run concurrently with a three-year sentence in respect of the assault on Daniel Miller.

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