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Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's supporters leaked details online of arrest warrant before news broke

The fact The Monk’s imminent arrest was first released on social media is no surprise as this war has been fought as much in cyber space as it has on the streets.

Gerry Hutch

Nicola Tallant

Late last week an anonymous Twitter site indicated that there were to be developments in the Regency Hotel investigation, with a ‘stitch up’ imminent.

The site, which had been tic-tacking with others linked to the Hutch faction, is dubbed ‘Phoenix Park Zoo’ and had been making wild allegations of personal vendettas by members of An Garda Siochana, who it claimed was trying to ‘frame’ individuals while giving Daniel Kinahan and his cohorts a free reign.

The site appears to have been established as a direct result of the issuing of a European Arrest Warrant for Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, who is to be charged in the Special Criminal Court in relation to events which led to the murder of David Byrne in February 2016.

More than five years after bitterness within the Irish mafia blew up at the Clash of the Clans weigh-in and mobster David Byrne was shot dead, The Monk is set to be reeled in while his arch rival, Daniel Kinahan, remains a free man out of reach in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

It has appeared like a David-and-Goliath battle from the beginning and many have found their sympathies sitting with the underdog, the Robin Hood-style criminal so much part of Dublin that he was once voted Social and Personal’s sexiest man.

The fact that information on The Monk’s imminent arrest was first released on social media is no surprise as this war has been fought as much in cyber space as it has on the streets.

In organised crime, it is unheard of to take an info-war to the masses. After all, it is the code of Omerta which keeps the show on the road, with those involved in gang activity keeping quiet under threat of death should they ever tell the secrets of the underworld.

Yet, on Twitter, both sides have kept an on-going presence, hiding on the world wide web while spilling forward allegations of touting, details of money laundering activities and even intricate and often intriguing details of criminal pacts, operations and murders.

There is method to the madness and it is not just a place for a gripe – a gangland version of Joe Duffy’s ‘whine line’.

Instead, it is a very clever ploy to gather information, garner sympathy and build a groundswell of support.

While the battle on the streets has been very one sided, in the space that is the web, things aren’t so unfair and both sides have been able to use their words instead of weapons to even up the fight.

First came a raft of social media sites linked to the Kinahan side, flooding out information about who was behind the Regency Hotel attack and naming those found guilty by the mob without trial or hearing.

Then the ‘Whistleblower’ Twitter account appeared, which kept springing back every time it was shut down and which persistently accused Daniel Kinahan of everything including being an 'M15 rat'.

Daniel Kinahan

For more than two years the site has drip fed details about Kinahan’s crime mob while regularly tagging his Highness Shiekh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Dubai Police with pictures and details about him.

The ‘Whistleblower’ started in early 2018 with details of the murder of The Monk’s brother, Eddie Hutch, days after the Regency Hotel, naming some of those suspected of having carried out the cowardly shooting of the taxi driver as he made his way into his Poplar Row home.

“Lets make the pen the tool to take Mr Kinahan down,” it stated.

It went on to detail methods of money laundering used by the Cartel, which gardai also suspected as ways in which the gang washed their dirty money.

One of the methods had already been investigated by Spanish Police.

Some of the most sensitive information featured details of the shooting of former Cartel lieutenant Greg Lynch, Paddy Doyle and Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh.

Following that, the Kinahan side released Blood Feud, a lengthy book about the run-up to the Regency and what happened after, including ludicrous allegations of a plot by the State, An Garda Siochana and the media to murder Daniel Kinahan to effect the result of the general election.

A rap song and a movie documentary followed from the Kinahan camp, who can always be relied upon for pumping money into a project.

The coming months will be interesting, as online supporters of The Monk no doubt redouble their efforts to spin support for the criminal, while ongoing investigations continue into Daniel Kinahan and other members of his inner circle who the State also want before the courts.

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