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cop alert Gardaí briefed on Hollywood celeb Emily Blunt's stalker fear while filming in Mayo


Emily Blunt was filming shooting Wild Mountain Thyme in Co. Mayo

Emily Blunt was filming shooting Wild Mountain Thyme in Co. Mayo

Emily Blunt was filming shooting Wild Mountain Thyme in Co. Mayo

HOLLYWOOD star Emily Blunt lived in a state of constant fear of an Italian stalker when she began filming Wild Mountain Thyme in county Mayo last year.

Before Blunt arrived in Ireland, gardaí in Ballina were briefed by film producers about the fixated fan amid fears he would travel to Ireland.

A security source confirmed that gardaí issued a nationwide alert to all ports and airports regarding the Italian national following an assessment.

He is known to have attempted to contact Blunt many times and has, in the past, travelled to where she is filming.

The notice included a picture and background information on the man who a source described as “fixated” with the acclaimed Hollywood actress.

The notice ensured that if the man entered Ireland, gardaí would be notified.

However, he never attempted to travel, and Blunt reported feeling very happy and safe with her family during filming, where they stayed at a lodge at the Mount Falcon Estate.

Co-star Jamie Dornan also stayed on the sprawling estate during filming.

“Gardaí made sure every measure was put in place to ensure she and her family were safe. Staff members of the hotel were also made aware of the situation in case he tried to check into the hotel or tried to gain access to the grounds.

“In terms of security and safety, it (Mount Falcon) was an ideal place really, because while it’s within a couple of minutes of the town (Ballina), it has a long avenue and very open grounds. Every person who walks or drives in there will be seen.”

Gardaí checked with Blunt and the film producers regularly during her stay, and she reported feeling safe and happy.

A source said that gardaí were powerless to stop the man travelling to Ireland.

“Which must be very frustrating for people in her (Emily Blunt’s) position.

“He could certainly be questioned as to why he was here, but beyond that, if no crime has been committed, he can’t be detained or sent back.”

Blunt arrived in Mayo in September 2019 and stayed for 12 weeks. Initially, due to fears for her safety, she rarely ventured outside the sprawling grounds of the picturesque estate.

However, after a few weeks, she began to socialise in Ballina and was pictured a number of times out and about.

The actress was described as “very kind” by locals who encountered her.

During a break in filming, she visited the Kilmoremoy Kids Drama Group’s rehearsal. The Western People reported the group was in the middle of running through their final scene for their play Into the Woods, when Emily walked in, possibly inspired by the fact that the actress herself had starred in the 2014 musical of the same name.

“She was very good and very kind. She was talking to all the kids and took photos with them,” said Jack Cronin, the group’s director.

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