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Fake visionary Christina Gallagher claims Jesus warned her of the apocalypse

She claims Jesus told her the world was ‘on the brink of destruction’ and he encouraged people to go the House of Prayer to save their souls

Christina Gallagher with Fr Gerard McGinnity

Christina Gallagher

The House of Prayer in Achill

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Fake visionary Christina Gallagher claims Jesus spoke to her two weeks ago to warn her that the apocalypse was imminent.

According to Gallagher, many people would die but they could save their souls by going to the controversial House of Prayer where he has endorsed items on sale in the shop.

Gallagher, who founded the House of Prayer on Achill Island, Co Mayo, has persuaded her followers to voluntarily hand over millions of euro since opening the doors to her centre in 1993, as she regularly claims to have received messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Most of the messages warn of the apocalypse. In one, Gallagher claimed Jesus spoke to her about price increases on expensive products sold by the House of Prayer which will save their souls when the end comes.

Gallagher sparked controversy two years ago when the Sunday World revealed how concerned relatives of elderly followers said they were refusing to get vaccinated due to messages Gallagher claimed to have received from Jesus.

Christina Gallagher

Gallagher has claimed to have received multiple more messages from Jesus since then, the latest of which she claims happened two weeks ago.

She claims Jesus told her the world was “on the brink of destruction” and he encouraged people to go the House of Prayer to save their souls before “fire falls from the sky” in seven and a half months’ time.

“The battles are in place leading to the great and final battle of the world. I call you people of the world, see and believe. The war of the final battle is with you,” Gallagher claims Jesus said.

“Come to My House of Prayer. You will receive the anointing of the fire of the spirit for your soul and find mercy.

“I have sealed many in my mother's house. Now is the time for you people to receive the outpouring of the fire of Life. Stop running from place to place. Now is the time to listen and hear.

"Come and receive what the world cannot give you – life of the spirit's fire for eternal life. Those who receive of this fire will live for eternity. Its time is now. You have the time of seven moons and a half. Then fire will fall from the sky.”

Gallagher claims various items which can be bought from the House of Prayer will protect people from harm. A €250 picture of the Virgin Mary has proved so popular that it is regularly sold out, but dozens of other items are still for sale.

Bizarrely, Gallagher recently claimed to have received another message from Jesus where he discussed price increases of the picture when it goes back on sale.

“Those who refused it already will be tested by its increased cost when they try to obtain it in the future but those who criticise its cost will not gain the protection it provides,” she added.

“They ought not to attack its cost. Those who are like the wise virgins in the Gospel parable will have the picture with the roses. Be aware you will be mocked and scoffed at when people hear this about the picture but they are only the foolish who will do such - they will say it is ‘a money racket’.”

The message also warned followers of impending “days of utter darkness” when “evil spirits will imitate screams of your living and deceased family members”.

“The only prayer to be said at that time is the Rosary. It should be constantly recited before the three-dimensional picture of My Mother with the Roses. I desire people to have a blessed pure wax candle lighting before the picture.”

Gallagher claims Jesus praised her work in his message to her in January.

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“Christina, My little one has received the blows you inflict from your falls through sin. Give to Me by taking care of her,” she says the message reads. “Her life has been crushed though she does not understand the many souls I have drawn to eternal life through her suffering. Her name has been written in The Book of Life.”

The message goes on to claim World War Three is coming and Jesus can be found at the House of Prayer on Achill.

“Most inhabitants of the world remain asleep while many others fail to believe and run to find Me here or there. I am in My Mother's House: you can find Me there.

"My Church - its deliverance is close at hand. The antichrist is in the height of his power and the world's people who have been redeemed by My Blood follow the darkest spirits and run to him who is antichrist. Your time is short before My Hand comes through the sky and the fire falls and devours many.

“Oh the falsity of many who are in union in my priesthood but fail to stand up for truth and feed My lambs!

“Hear my call now before it is too late! Come to my mother's house and receive the richest anointing of the fire of the spirit.”

The House of Prayer in Achill

In another statement issued this week the House of Prayer directed followers to only receive information from Gallagher’s official website.

“Any other source is unreliable and false. Other sources act without accountability and there are many such 'out there',” the statement reads. “The devil is busy through people and there are multiple sites of a dark nature which are active.

“This mission has suffered horrendous and vile attacks since the beginning which tried to undermine it by persecuting Christina and slandering the mission as a 'cult' whereas it is the Gospel call to repentance at the heart of the work of the Church, and upheld these 35 years by the extraordinary proofs of multiple conversions, miraculous healings confirmed by medical consultants and every prophetic word given to Christina being faithfully fulfilled - all culminating in a 'permanent' Eucharistic Miracle.

"If you wander into, or choose to enter the darkness of such sites, know that you are merely reading the devil's poison.”

The House of Prayer has lashed out numerous times at criticism in the media.

The Sunday World exposed, years ago, how Gallagher had been living a life of luxury living in large properties as her followers handed over donations to the organisation which is not affiliated to the Catholic Church.

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