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Sicko 'Fake taxi' sex beast who assaulted teenage girl back on the streets

Pervert’s sickening three-and-a-half hour assault on teenage girl as he says his conviction has ‘deeply upset his mother’


Our photo shows Dariusz Swiderski being freed from prison

Our photo shows Dariusz Swiderski being freed from prison

Our photo shows Dariusz Swiderski being freed from prison

A pervert who sexually assaulted a sleeping 19-year-old woman, after she mistook his car for a taxi, has vowed to 'live a normal life' saying his conviction deeply upset his mother.

The Sunday World confronted convicted sex offender Dariusz Swiderski as he was released from the Midlands Prison after serving just 18 months inside for digitally penetrating his unconscious victim.

Speaking of her nightmare experience at the hands of Swiderski, the 19-year-old later said she thought the three-and-a-half hour long ordeal "was the end" for her.

Swiderski claimed to be filled with remorse for the July 2017 attack.

"I no want no more problems," said Swiderski.

"I have probation and now I start a normal life. I want to go back to work … it [my life] was broken completely.

"Before I work all the time, six days a week and nine years I had the same companion.


Dariusz Swiderski tells reporter Patrick he wants a normal life

Dariusz Swiderski tells reporter Patrick he wants a normal life

Dariusz Swiderski tells reporter Patrick he wants a normal life

"Now it's broken - my life completely. I want to go back home and live a normal life and get a new job.

"Sit at home, work, go home … that's it. I am staying in Ireland.

"I look for new job and start a normal life, that's it. New job, work, go home, food, that's it.

"My mum is 73-year-old woman and has not good feelings … this situation … always coming here (the prison) with sister, nephew, niece.

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"It's very bad for me. I never had a problem in Poland, this is first for me, I never had problems before."

Asked whether he would like to express remorse to his victim, Swiderski responded: "I speak in court and say sorry and pay money."

In May of 2019, Swiderski was jailed for a total of two years for the sexual assault of the 19-year-old in Kilkenny.

The young woman told the court in her victim impact statement that her life will never be the same.

On Sunday, July 29, 2017, the young woman was socialising in a Kilkenny city nightclub with friends. She became separated from them and at 3am went outside intending to get a taxi.

As she tried to hail a taxi, a car pulled up and stopped. She assumed it was a taxi and got in, giving the driver, Swiderski, the address she wanted to go to.

The court heard the young woman fell asleep in the car. Swiderski drove around for a short time before parking in a secluded area of a housing estate on the outskirts of Kilkenny.

She was sexually assaulted over three and a half hours.

When arrested, Mr Swiderski admitted kissing the teenager's legs and breasts.

He also admitted touching her breasts and vagina. She awoke to being digitally penetrated by him. Her top was pulled up and her trousers were around her knees.

She was in shock and stayed in the car for a short time before she fled and hid behind a tree. She made her way through the estate and out on to the city ring road where a passer-by stopped and called the gardai.

Garda James McGuill attended the scene and accompanied the young woman to the sexual assault unit at Waterford University Hospital.

Garda McGuill used CCTV to identify the car that the young woman got into and the licence plate to identify the driver. He went to Swiderski's home but he was not there.

On July 31, with other gardai, he arrested Swiderski at his workplace.

Swiderski was interviewed four times. He admitted picking up the injured party, touching and kissing her. He said she never said to him she didn't want it. He believed it was consensual.

The garda said the young lady was quite clear she did not want any contact with Swiderski.

Swiderski entered a guilty plea during the investigation but later made an application in court to vacate that plea. The application was denied.

The young woman prepared a victim impact statement which she asked Garda McGuill to read in court.

She said that she had just finished her second year in college and started a summer job when this assault happened. She had been bubbly, outgoing and happy, overall life was good.

On the night of the incident she remembered getting into a taxi but after a few minutes being scared and texting her boyfriend to say this. "It was the most frightening thing that ever happened to me," she stated.

She said when she woke up, she felt trapped. "I thought this was the end for me." She told Swiderski that she needed to pee and got out of the car and ran.

At the hospital she said she felt "disgusted and used." Following the assault she was afraid he had her name and would try to find her. She said she found it tough getting back to a normal life.

Her relationship with her boyfriend broke down, she became depressed and college "became a dark place for me."

She said she didn't trust anyone any more, not even her family. "My quality of life has never been the same," she said.

The woman said there are days when she doesn't see a future.

"I feel like damaged goods," she said.

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