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EX’S SHOCK Ex-fiancé reveals he was ghosted as 'unstable' Molly Martens took off to nanny in Ireland

'I didn’t know how safe it was for her to be going over and nannying for somebody’s children when she wasn’t mentally stable herself'


Molly and Keith moved in together after a month.

Molly and Keith moved in together after a month.

Molly and Keith moved in together after a month.

Keith Maginn first crossed paths with Molly Martens on an online dating site.

He was floored by the all-American beauty from Tennessee when they met over a year before she would travel to Ireland in March 2008 to become an au pair to the children of Jason Corbett after the tragic death of his wife, Margaret.

After a series of long phone conversations, the Cincinnati native, who was working for the non-profit Habitat for Humanity, met up with Molly in person.

“I thought she was way out of my league just because she was so beautiful, but we really hit it off and we fell very fast, very hard, the both of us for whatever reason, and ended up moving in with each other after about a month,” Keith recalls.


Molly Martens with her father Thomas Martens

Molly Martens with her father Thomas Martens

Molly Martens with her father Thomas Martens

In those first weeks and months Keith said the free-spirited beauty was unlike anyone he had met.

“She was very outgoing, very fun-loving. The first time I went to her house even though it was not Christmas time she had like Christmas lights up on the deck outside her house and that to me kind of sums up her personality,” he said in a Skype interview from America.

They moved in together, paying rent for a condo owned by her parents, but months into the relationship, he noticed a shift in Molly’s personality. “To her credit she did tell me early on that she had bipolar, but I never thought a whole lot about it because in the first couple of weeks she was balanced on all her medication.

“She was nannying for some kids. She got a staph (bacterial) infection through the kids and the medications counteracted the bipolar medication and it was like she was a completely different person.

“All of a sudden, she went from probably the most free-spirited person I ever met to the saddest person by far I’ve ever seen in my life.

“She went from being happy one instant to crying for hours, lying in bed, sitting in the bathtub for hours crying inconsolably. It was tough.”

Molly had grown up in Knoxville, Tennessee, with her parents, Tom and Sharon, and her three brothers, in what her ex-boyfriend would describe a gilded existence.

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“They had a lot of money. I felt that her dad was very smug. He really thought a lot of himself and looked down on just about everybody

“It was a completely different world walking into the Martens’ world. I guess the stereotype would be country club living. I did feel like all the kids were spoiled and were used to and expected a much higher class of life than all the people I knew.”

Around a year into the relationship, Keith proposed in the restaurant where they had their first date.

“My whole reasoning for doing that was she kept insisting that would make her happy. I would say Molly that’s just going to be a temporary fix.”


Jason and Molly.

Jason and Molly.

Jason and Molly.

He explains how it briefly lifted her mood but then out of the blue she announced she was looking for nannying posts in Europe.

“I thought, ‘Man, here we go again, one of her crazy ideas’. She stayed up all night long and when I woke up the next morning to go to work she said: ‘Hey I found a place in Ireland...’

“She told me initially she was going to be gone for like a week, and then I believe she said ‘I’m going to be back shortly’.”

The rain was pouring down as he walked his 25-year-old girlfriend to her car and kissed her goodbye on the sidewalk.

“I knew she was not in a good mental state whatsoever, I felt like this was a really drastic move, I didn’t know how safe it was for her to be going over and nannying for somebody’s children when she wasn’t mentally stable herself.

“We had just been in a psych ward so I knew she wasn’t in a mental state to do it.”

According to the book, My Brother Jason by Tracey Corbett-Lynch and Ralph Riegel, Molly Martens first contacted Jason Corbett in February 2008, attaching a dazzling CV claiming she was a qualified Montessori teacher, on the fringes of the US Olympic swimming team, claims which the book states would later prove to be untrue.

Molly flew out to Ireland in March 2008.

Back in Tennessee, Keith Maginn found he had been effectively ghosted by his girlfriend.

“It was 10 days before I heard anything, so I didn’t know she was alive, if something tragic happened or if she had just decided to disappear. I just thought that was so cruel to do to somebody that is engaged to you and thinks you’re coming back.

“She finally emailed of all things. She said sorry for not calling you. Something like… ‘things have been really crazy. I also don’t know if I’m ever coming back…’

“I was like ‘Wow, OK..’”

During their relationship, he felt Molly was constantly telling him lies.

“She lies so much that I think she might believe some of the things she says.”

Discovering what happened to Jason Corbett was “heartbreaking”.

“My sadness is for Jason and his family,” adds Keith.

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