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Dublin gangsters warn rapist, loyalist drug dealer Gerry Verner ‘get our guns or you're a goner’

UVF lackey ‘Vermin’ Verner finds himself at the centre of a bust-up with UDA boss Mo Courtney, also being hunted by the southern gangsters

Gerry Verner has been told by a Dublin gang to give them back their guns

Graffiti which appeared aimed at Mo Courtney

Mo Courtney

Richard SullivanSunday World

Dublin gangsters have warned rapist drug dealer Gerry Verner – get our guns back or else.

The depraved sicko is coming under intense pressure from both his southern paymasters and East Belfast UVF for whom he peddles cocaine.

And he has been warned his Dublin partners and his UVF partners have run out of patience.

UVF lackey ‘Vermin’ Verner finds himself at the centre of a drugs and guns bust-up with UDA boss Mo Courtney, also being hunted by the southern gangsters.

Courtney and his second in command have also been warned their lives are on the line after they stroked Verner of the guns, convincing one of his men to hand the weapons over in return for a stash of coke.

The man, described as “vulnerable’’ had been ordered by Verner to keep the weapons – property of the organised crime gang in Dublin – at his east Belfast home.

Having been duped by Courtney, Verner and his Dublin pals dished out a brutal beating before he gave up the names of those who’d taken the weapons.

But now, Verner finds himself in the firing line from his Dublin partners.

Rumours they had threatened to kidnap his sister and cut off one of her fingers for each day their guns haven’t been returned, have been dismissed.

In 2012, Verner was jailed for rape and false imprisonment –threatening his victim he would cut off her fingers.

Sources say the false rumour was in reference to his sick past and is an indication of how the community in the east of the city have turned on him.

Graffiti appeared this week warning him he was no longer welcome in east Belfast. The warning was marked PAF – Protestant Action Force – a cover name used during the Conflict by the UVF.

Graffiti which appeared aimed at Mo Courtney

PAF emerged again in the last couple of years amid street violence in protest at the Protocol, fuelling suspicion the UVF – which is still officially on ceasefire – was responsible for bringing guns back on to the streets.

Verner has been left with nowhere to turn. He has been told he can no longer rely on the UVF for protection and now has the added pressure of having the Dublin gang on his tail.

Alleged gangster Stephen Matthews, named in court last month as a UVF leader, and whose organised crime gang has close ties with Dublin mobs, cut Verner adrift amid fears the stand off with Courtney could spark a UDA/UVF feud.

On the other side of the city, Courtney was also the target of graffiti threats, with his name daubed on a wall accompanied by crosshairs.

Courtney has not been seen on his lower Shankill stronghold since the Sunday World revealed last week a carload of Dublin gangsters were cruising the loyalist stronghold looking for him.

He told pals he has no intention of giving up the weapons bragging that he took them from a “bunch of taigs”.

However, there is a fear within the UDA leadership Courtney has picked one fight too many. Belfast has been drawn into a brutal drugs underworld which has seen loyalist paramilitaries form close ties and partnerships with southern-based gangs.

It has resulted in a number of brutal mafia-style executions on the streets of Belfast.

Last week, UDA mouthpiece ‘Dopey’ Dennis Cunningham was caught by surprise by the Dublin vigilantes as he locked the offices of the Lower Shankill Community Association.

Cunningham reportedly remains a commander in the terror group but continues to work for the publicly-funded community group

The terrified former jailbird dropped and broke his trade mark glasses before fleeing.

Mo Courtney

His newly-appointed second in command has gone into hiding as tensions increase. He was visited by police during the week and warned his life was in imminent danger, and it is understood two other members of Courtney’s outfit have also been warned about their personal security..

“He’s s******g himself,” a source told us, “he’s lying low, you won’t see him for a while.”

Sources say the pair have little or no support in the area.

“People are fed up with them selling drugs to young people, and now they’ve brought this trouble to the area.”

The Sunday World can reveal Courtney’s gang has been moving drugs into new hiding places amid fears the Dubliners will return.

The southern-based mobsters already know the names of his runners and where they live.

Sources on the Shankill say he has tasked his team of teenage drug runners to find somewhere to hide their drugs.

“Some of them have been getting their girlfriends to hide it in their homes,” said our source.

“Some of these girls are as young as 14 and they’re being asked to hide drugs, some of them have younger brothers and sisters it doesn’t bear thinking about what could happen if they find it.”

Children suspected of finding drugs are being frisked as they make their way to school.

“You couldn’t make this s**t up.”

And he slammed the UDA leadership and in particular West Belfast Brigadier Matt Kincaid who has ignored please to take action against drugs dealers.

Kincaid has previously denied “involvement in criminal activity of any kind” and has said he has never been a member “of any proscribed organisation”.

“There’s nobody more hated than Mo, but UDA men have lost respect for Matt as he’s letting it happen.

“Look at all the young lads selling drugs on this road, how many of them are UDA leaders’ sons? That’s right not f****n’ one of them as they’re not allowed to join but they’ll happily let our sons and grandsons join to sell drugs for them so they can have their new car and fancy holidays.”

Sources on both sides of the city say the writing is on the wall for both men.

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