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Driller killer Colin Howell gets in prison row with rapist over scratched R Kelly CD

Howell (63) is serving a minimum life sentence of 21 years for the murder of his own wife and his lover’s husband

Colin Howell

Colin Howell. and his wife Kyle, and baby Finn little brother of the late Matthew Howell who was killed in Russia last week arrive at Portstewart Baptist Church yesterday for a thanksgiving service for Matthew.MARK JAMIESON.

Killer Kristoff Alauya

Grace Moore

Steven MooreSunday World

Driller killer Colin Howell got a behind bars “tongue-lashing” from murdering rapist Kristoff Alauya — for scratching his R Kelly CD.

Prison insiders watched in amusement as the deadly duo and convicted sex offenders, who have become close pals through the church, had a blazing barney over the damaged music disc – ironically featuring a singer who was recently jailed for 30 years for sex abuse.

Nigerian immigrant Kristoff Emmanuel Alauya (38) is serving a minimum 22-year life sentence for the rape and murder of 38-year-old Belfast mum-of-one Grace Moore.

Howell (63) is serving a minimum life sentence of 21 years for the murder of his own wife and his lover’s husband plus another five-and-a-half years for a string of sickening sex attacks on a number of women.

Sources say the pair have become an unlikely jailhouse “power couple” who seek out and target new inmates at Braid House in Maghaberry Prison and bombard them with religious teachings.

But we’ve been told there was trouble in the ‘Garden of Eden’ after Howell’s careless compact disc scratching.

“Kristoff and Colin Howell have become close mates in recent years through religion, but they had a big bust-up recently,” says an insider.


“And it all started over R Kelly and one of his CDs. Kristoff is a big fan of his music – maybe that’s not a surprise knowing what we know now – and he wanted to share his passion with Colin.

“You’d hardly think Bible-basher Colin would be into R&B but he gave it a go and took up Kristoff’s offer. But he accidentally scratched it.

“He didn’t realise and gave it back to Kristoff who went nuts when it wouldn’t play properly.

“He marched straight over to Colin and gave him a tongue-lashing. You could see them arguing about it through a glass window. Kristoff has a notoriously bad temper and he seemed to lose it over something which would seem fairly small to anyone on the outside.”

US singer R Kelly was sentenced in June to 30 years in prison for using his celebrity status to sexually abuse children and women.

Sources say killers Howell and Alauya had formed an unlikely alliance and used their ‘veteran’ prison status to exert their influence on new prisoners.

“They see themselves as some kind of higher authority in the prison,” said a source.

Killer Kristoff Alauya

“Howell is known inside as ‘The Prophet’.

“They’ve teamed-up because of their supposed shared views on Christianity. They both profess to be very religious and are regulars at church and because of that they have become very close.

“They’re like a power couple or something. They target new inmates and search out for any with the letter ‘E’ at the start of their prison number which means they are first timers.

“They then pull them into a cell and bombard them with the workings of God and how he has forgiven them for their sins. They know these people are vulnerable so they try and indoctrinate them and actually tell them how they should behave inside prison.

“Both of them are in privileged positions because they are well behaved and so have the run of the place to some extent.

“The Prison Service turn a blind eye to it, thinking it’s harmless, but some people think they should be stopped because it must be very intimidating to arrive in prison and then be accosted by these two killers telling you what to do!” When Alauya was jailed in 2009 at Belfast Crown Court, Mr Justice Weir told the African he could find no evidence of remorse on his part for the gruesome killing.

The judge said that he found it “impossible to comprehend” the fact that after raping and killing Ms Moore, he ransacked her home and put personal items into bags to take with him.

Grace Moore was the mother of former Miss Northern Ireland Lori Moore who was just 16 years old when she tragically discovered her body in November 2006.

During his trial horrific details emerged showing Grace had been the victim of a savage attack from twisted Alauya, who was then aged 23. The young mum was stabbed, strangled and raped in her Suffolk home in Belfast by Alauya after she invited him back after meeting him in a city centre nightspot.

Grace Moore

At the time of the murder Alauya was on the run from the authorities south of the border where he had been due to be sentenced for two violent robberies.

When initially jailed, Alauya carried an horrendous attitude with him into the jail – boasting he would kill again when he got out. But sources say he has since “seen the light” and, having suffered a number of vicious jailhouse assaults, he appears to have turned to God and mellowed.

Howell murdered his wife Lesley and his lover Hazel Stewart’s husband, Trevor Buchanan, in May 1991 in what became one of the most infamous crimes to ever take place in Northern Ireland.

Police had treated the double murder as suicide and closed the file until Howell walked into a police station and confessed 18 years later – giving evidence against his former lover and co-conspirator Hazel Stewart in the process.

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