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mobster chat Daniel Kinahan describes Regency Hotel attack and bizarrely claims he wants to 'help people'

A short clip has been posted online to promote an upcoming podcast featuring an extended interview with the Irish Mafia boss


Daniel Kinahan laughed off his Africa connection with James English

Daniel Kinahan laughed off his Africa connection with James English

Daniel Kinahan laughed off his Africa connection with James English

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan has described how he narrowly avoided being shot in the Regency Hotel attack and claims he is just trying “to help people,” in a preview for a new podcast.

Kinahan was the target of the group of gunmen who burst into the hotel in 2016 and opened fire in the Regency Hotel in Dublin.

He fled to safety on foot but his associate David Byrne (34), from Crumlin, was shot dead and a number of other men were wounded but survived.

“I’ve never told anyone this story,” Kinahan says in a new trailer for his "world exclusive" interview with podcaster James English.

“I seen (sic) there, maybe six metres from me, (as he stands up and imitates a man taking a gun out of his waistband) and then I see the gun at the back and then I go..

"And then (I hear) ‘boom boom’ shots let go behind me.”

A short clip has been posted online to promote the upcoming episode of James English's podcast Anything Goes.

The popular podcast has previously featured chats with a host of MTK boxers, many of whom have taken the opportunity to praise drug boss Kinahan.

As he sits down with English, Kinahan presents himself as a victim of a media who “for me, manipulates everyone”.

“They create the reality for people for the future,” he says. “For what they want to think, how they sleep, what they eat, what they buy.”

He also blames the media and “fat cats” for the ongoing controversy over the Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall fight that is now the subject of an investigation by the British Boxing Board of Control.

“Josh is a very dear friend of mine and so is Jack, a very dear friend of mine,” Kinahan says. “I know Jack’s kids, (they’ve) been over, his girlfriend. I know Josh’s girlfriend, I’ve spent a long time with them.

“Really good people. They've done nothing wrong.

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"So what's happening now with them is the media and the fat cats will make Josh and Jack at each other or their girlfriends at each other.

“So, do I think there is corruption, if I’m being honest, no. Do I think it was massive incompetence? Yes, one billion per cent.”

He again takes aim at the media, making his case that if he’s “this bad person…the things they wrote about, these papers wrote (about me) (that) I supplied these guns to these rebel kids in Africa. I had a billion dollars’ worth of cocaine through America. Come on.”

In a later snippet he declares: “I grew up the way I grew up.

“I never said I was an angel but I’m proud of where I was born and I’m proud of how I was born and what I’ve turned things into.

“I want to just turn things into a positive and I want to help people.”

The interview is just the latest in a series of press statements, pictures and propaganda from Kinahan who is determined to present himself as an ordinary man trying to continue in his universe of legitimate business while being constantly castigated by a lowly media in his home country of Ireland.

The same tall tale has already played out in an online book, a movie and from the mouths of his supporters, who claim to know of a vast conspiracy from the very heart of the Irish political system to bring him down.

His message to the world of boxing will be that he is untouchable, Teflon, above all criticism and scrutiny - a shining light for the sport with only the boxers' interest at heart.

He has already wheeled out stars of the sport including Tyson Fury, Sunny Edwards, Jono Carroll and Darren Till in seemingly random moments of comradeship. None of the boxers working with Kinahan have any involvement in criminality.

Kinahan has insisted he wants to play a part in 'safeguarding' the future of boxing and has been referred to as the 'ambassador'.

Kinahan sits atop an enormous money-laundering and drug empire and holds power over the sport of boxing like it is his very own game of chess.

Kinahan hasn't entered Europe since he moved to Dubai in 2016 just before his gym, then named MGM, was raided by police in Spain's Puerto Banus.

At the same time James Quinn, his childhood friend, was arrested and charged with the murder of Gary Hutch.

Quinn was convicted and is serving a lengthy sentence in Spain, but Kinahan embarked on two careers in the United Arab Emirates.

The first, as detailed by the DEA in documents to their counterparts in law enforcement in Europe, was as a key player in a so called cocaine 'Super Cartel'. The second is as a powerbroker in boxing who has stepped in and out of the limelight ever since.


Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

Up until 2021, repeated statements - one made to the High Court at the Old Bailey - were issued by Scots tanning tycoon Sandra Vaughan that she bought MGM, renamed it MTK, and owned it outright with nothing to do with Daniel Kinahan.

Tyson Fury made a video selfie thanking Kinahan for brokering the biggest bout in boxing history, yet to happen, between the heavyweight and Anthony Joshua.

All the while, big corporates like Sky and BT Sport have tried to distance themselves from Kinahan despite his push centre stage.

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