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Assets flogged Convicted drug dealer Dessie Enfield agrees to let CAB sell his cars


Dessie Enfield

Dessie Enfield

Dessie Enfield

Donegal drug lord Desmond ‘Dessie’ Enfield has consented to cars seized from him to be sold by the Criminal Assets Bureau – once the money is placed in an account and not touched until the case against him is concluded.

The flash gangster is set to fight a proceeds of crime case against him which has been listed for December.

CAB are looking to seize a large lakeshore house in stunning Ramelton in Donegal which the High Court has heard he will claim was left to him as part of an inheritance but which the Bureau say has been increased in value by an expensive refurbishment job.

Enfield was named in court in August under legislation around criminal assets in a case based on searches carried out on the property in 2018 while he was in custody in Northern Ireland.

The Bureau want the value of cars including an Audi and a Volkswagen Golf, cash and the house from him and have identified a network of accounts linked to the cross border drug trafficker.

The house sits on the shores of Lough Swilly and was fitted out with expensive bathroom and kitchen fittings along with plasma TV screens.

Enfield was jailed in 2016 and described as leading member of a cross border drug gang and one of Ulster’s most prolific dealers.

He had been nabbed with €340,000 worth of cannabis herb which was being transported from Newry to Lurgan in the back of a van.

During the search of his home, documents and other items were seized by officers from the Bureau who have been painstakingly putting together a case against him ever since.

Over the summer they began proceedings before Justice Alexander Owens but Enfield made no appearance in court.

The judge was told that the Bureau have been liaising with a car leasing firm in Northern Ireland which Enfield claims owns one of the vehicles in question.

Enfield was identified by both the PSNI and local Bureau profilers working in the north west of the country who are special trained members of the Garda force whose role is to identify possible targets for the CAB.

He had been regularly seen in high powered cars, stayed at the Donegal property and enjoyed days out jet-skiing on Lough Swilly with friends.

At the same time he was building a reputation for himself in the North of Ireland as a major player on the drug scene.

He was nabbed transporting vacuum packed drugs from Newry to Lurgan in the back of a van when officers from the PSNI put him and others under covert surveillance.

He was jailed along with Kieran Austin, 63, from Lurgan, Darren Donnelly, 35, from Omagh and Seamus Boyce, 40 from Letterkenny. It is understood Enfield, 37, headed up the gang which spread across Derry and into Armagh.

Gardai and the PSNI have been liaising more than ever in their efforts to police border regions in Ireland.

The CAB have trained profilers working across Cavan, Monaghan, Louth and into Donegal where they have identified almost 100 targets in the border regions including cigarette smugglers, drug dealers and fuel launderers.

Police on both sides of the border believe that a hard Brexit will result in a rise in crime in the regions which have a high quantity of skilled smugglers.

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