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Cartel is milking it

Kinahans: mob money man’s bid to fool revenue with delivery job


Special delivery: 'The Milkman' is the last of Kinahan's loyal lieutenants

Special delivery: 'The Milkman' is the last of Kinahan's loyal lieutenants

Christy Kinahan

Christy Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan. Photo: Sunday World

Daniel Kinahan. Photo: Sunday World

Christopher Kinahan Jnr

Christopher Kinahan Jnr


Special delivery: 'The Milkman' is the last of Kinahan's loyal lieutenants

A ‘Mr Clean’ who is suspected of being the mob’s accountant in Ireland has taken a job as a milkman in order to cover his tracks and pretend he has a legitimate income.

He is delivering milk door to door in the hopes that his cunning plan will trick gardaí and Revenue into believing he is just a struggling worker trying to make ends meet.

The Sunday World has been watching as the underworld ‘accountant poses’ as a kindly milk man on a residential round while also collecting Daniel Kinahan’s drug money and paying the wages of his few remaining staff here.

Our special investigation has uncovered a structured wage system which sees Cartel soldiers paid a weekly wage with the promise of a Christmas and summer bonus, but funds are quickly drying up.

The money man, who is in his 30s. is himself paid over €1,000 a week, a top executive salary under Kinahan’s structure. He had tried to funnel the dirty money first through a taxi business and now through his work as a milkman so he could afford to purchase the plush house he lives in with his partner and child.

Last year, the Criminal Assets Bureau searched their home and it has since been discovered that it was purchased by a prominent builder once linked to Jim Mansfield Jnr.

The Cartel once had hundreds of spotters, hitmen, drug dealers, drivers and logistics operators on the books but a massive Garda crackdown, which has seen the mob dismantled in Ireland, has had a huge effect on its finances.

The amount of Cartel prisoners who need to be paid for their ongoing silence has meant that outgoings have gone through the roof at the same time that income has collapsed.

Zero profits are being removed from Ireland, where more than €2 million a month was once collected in cash yields.


The ‘Milkman’ has very little by way of convictions and has an insignificant rap sheet of public order, road traffic offences and one attempted robbery.

He was brought into the Cartel by Christopher Kinahan Jnr, who has operated the money-laundering side of the mob for years.


Christopher Kinahan Jnr

Christopher Kinahan Jnr

Christopher Kinahan Jnr

The man first moved to Spain where he worked as a spotter and a driver for senior lieutenants, often transporting personal effects for them to the Costa.

He was then moved out to Dubai where he was given in-depth training in finances and even brought along to high-profile business meetings in order to learn the ropes.

When he returned to Ireland he was put on a wage and promoted to senior money man – albeit with a lack of competition for the role as a raft of experienced Cartel staff had fled the country or were in jail.

His job was to look after payroll and identify any property investments that could be made here to launder some mob money.

He used a taxi to move around the city and collect the money and pay the wages, but he is now

hoping to convince Revenue that he rents out the vehicle to top-up his income.

Originally from Dublin, he has been living in an expensive property in the countryside which he had hoped to buy but documentation seized by CAB suggest he didn’t attain a mortgage.

The Bureau discovered that the house had been purchased by a builder who was once involved in business dealings with Mansfield after the collapse of his father’s empire.

Real IRA thug Nathan Kinsella was discovered living in a second home owned by the builder in Blackrock in South County Dublin when it

was raided by the Special Detective Unit recently, sparking fears that he has been strong-armed by criminal elements.


Jobless enforcer-for-hire Kinsella was discovered living with a girlfriend in the €1 million property in recent months and has been under surveillance ever since. It is understood that he has threatened a number of individuals in recent month in a bid to fund a large number of dependants.

It is understood that CAB investigations into a number of Cartel money men are underway. In the case of ‘The Milkman’ travel to and from Dubai is being closely looked at.

He is also the subject of investigation by the Garda’s Drug and Organised Crime Bureau who have thwarted more than 70 murder attempts linked to the Cartel in the past five years and jailed more than 50 of it’s top tier.

‘The Milkman’ was once a fitness fanatic but sources say he has been showing signs of stress in recent months and has piled on the pounds as he tries to moonlight in his delivery van.

This week in a free true-crime book, the Sunday World detail how Daniel Kinahan’s attempts to re-brand himself as a boxing promoter have failed as his time runs out in the Middle East.

He has suffered huge losses since the Regency Hotel attack of February 2016. Along with Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh’s Birmingham network whose operation has also been dismantled by gardaí and the CAB.