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Careysfort fraudster who claimed he only answered phones boasted to victim about business skills

After scam victim Miriam Tormey tried to get Maher to return her €20,000 deposit, he told her: “I’ll have the house up for sale next week because we own it.”

Paddy Maher told Miriam Tormey she would have €20k in her account that day

Miriam Tormey and Philip Conway.

Mohammed Yazdani

Patrick O'ConnellSunday World

Convicted fraudster Paddy Maher told a client of scam mortgage company Careysfort Asset Estate: “I’m the one who goes in and does the deal with your bank or vulture fund.”

And, after scam victim Miriam Tormey tried to get Maher to return her €20,000 deposit, he told her: “I’ll have the house up for sale next week because we own it.”

Despite Maher’s insistence last week that his only involvement with Careysfort was in answering the phone while Catriona Carey’s father was ill, a recording of Maher engaged in a telephone conversation with Miriam tells a very different story.

The recording of the phone call was made on October 11, 2021 when Miriam rang Maher after he failed to appear, as promised, at a court case regarding her partner Philip Conway’s property.

After a conversation about the missed court case, the following conversation ensued:

Miriam Tormey: “What are your qualifications Paddy?”

Paddy Maher:“I’m very qualified.”

MT: “For what?”

PM: “For everything!”

MT: “For everything?”

PM: “I’m 40 years in this business. I’m the one who goes in and does the deals with your bank or vulture fund, right.”

MT: “I mean, what is your job … what is your qualification?

PM: “I make a huge amount of money.”

Miriam Tormey and Philip Conway.

MT: “You make a huge amount of money off us?”

PM: “Yeah! Come here, you can have your money back today if you want it or do you want the contract?

MT: “Excuse me?”

PM: “You can have your money back today by transfer or you can have your contract next week, whichever you want.

“Your solicitor was told the same by email last week.”

MT: “We’re waiting a year for a contract. Are you saying to me you will transfer €20,000 into my account today?”

PM: “No, into your solicitor’s account or into yours … whichever, yeah.”

MT: “I wouldn’t hand you the Lotto numbers (laughing) never mind my account number.” (More laughter) …

MT: “Can I just ask you? What are your qualifications? What is your job?”

PM: “My job is making money!”

MT: “How many degrees do you have?”

PM: “How many do you want?”

MT: “How many degrees do you have?”

PM: “Too many.”

MT: “Wow. Right. So, I’ll tell you what, look it, transfer €20,000 of my money into …”

PM: “It’s not your money, it’s Philip’s money.”

MT: “No, it’s my money love.”

PM: “Okay, I’ll tell you what. You get your solicitor to ring me now right and we’ll organise that.”

MT: “You have Phil’s bank account details. I’ll allow you to transfer that money into Phil’s account.”

PM: “Okay, can you give him the email that the company (unintelligible)”

MT: “Sorry, can you say that again?”

PM: “Can you get Phil to email them to the company?”

MT: “To email what now?”

PM: “His bank BIC, IBAN.”

MT: “You have them.”

PM: “When did he send them? OK, if we have them.”

MT: “Two years ago!”

PM: “Right, okay, I’ll get the company to do it today for you, right.”

MT: “Grand, that’d be brilliant.”

PM: “No problem.”

MT: “Thank you.”

PM: “And, I’ll have the house up for sale next week because we own it.”

MT: “No, Cabot (financial institution) owns the house.”

PM: “No, no, we bought it off Cabot.”

MT: “You didn’t love… no, you didn’t.”

PM: “Well you won’t believe me.

I’ll tell you what, when you see 20 grand in your account in the morning, (unintelligible) a ‘For Sale’ sign will be up next week. End of conversation. I’ll now deal with your solicitor.”

Miriam and Philip never got a cent of their deposit back from Maher, Catriona Carey or Careysfort.

So where did their money go?

Bank records show that two weeks after the couple paid their €20,000 deposit in two separate instalments on December 17 and 19 of 2019, money Miriam had borrowed from a credit union, to Careysfort Asset Estates, Catriona Carey went on a trip to a ski-resort in Switzerland.

The Careysfort Asset Estates account was used to fund spending during the six-day trip on shops, restaurants and other items, amounting to €6,976.

The day after the trip ended, a further €10,863 was spent – €8,000 at Kilkenny’s Michael Lyng motor dealers, €2,080 at Welch Sports, which specialises in selling hockey gear, and €783 at Ez Living Furniture in Kilkenny.

The Sunday Worldspoke this week with several other victims of the Careysfort Asset Estate con.

A Kildare businessman, who asked that his name not be used, said he had invested €60,000 with Careysfort.

He said he had dozens of phone conversations with Maher dating back to January of 2021.

“It was definitely January 2021 when I first spoke to Paddy. He definitely pitched himself as the man who was going to solve my problems straight away.

“And he was very apologetic for the delays in getting it done.

“I spoke with Paddy Maher somewhere around 40 or 50 times.”

Asked how many times Paddy Maher had told him he would sort the contract out, he responded: “Every single time, every single time we spoke.”

Mohammed Yazdani, who alongside his son said paid €30,000 they’d borrowed from a credit union to Careysfort, said he too dealt with Maher.

Mohammed Yazdani

He said Catriona Carey gave him Maher’s phone number last August when she said she had to care for her father.

“I rang Paddy Maher and at first he said my contract was on the way once the last few problems were dealt with.”

After multiple phone calls to Maher and failed promises of cash, Mohammed said he then phoned Catriona Carey back and she said there had been a mistake in the lines of the contract.

The contract was subsequently cancelled .

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