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Early release 'Barbaric' killer who stabbed his Irish ex-girlfriend Avril Flanagan 50 times in Spain is freed


Avril Flanagan (inset) was stabbed more than 50 times by ex-boyfriend Alan Daulby

Avril Flanagan (inset) was stabbed more than 50 times by ex-boyfriend Alan Daulby

Avril Flanagan (inset) was stabbed more than 50 times by ex-boyfriend Alan Daulby

THE British killer of a young Irishwoman has been released from prison just eight years after being convicted of stabbing her more than 50 times and leaving her mutilated body under his sofa.

The furious family of Avril Flanagan have just been told Alan Daulby has been allowed to leave the UK jail where he had been transferred after serving time in Spain.

The Liverpool-born car valeter was freed just over halfway through his 19-year prison sentence for the chilling murder, despite protests from Avril’s loved ones, who only discovered by chance he had been moved from Spain.

Her mum Barbara wrote a no-holds-barred letter detailing what Daulby had done to the 20-year-old from Swords, Co Dublin, which she asked to be read out to the ‘public protection’ panel due to manage him ahead of his release from prison early on licence.

She also asked prison and probation officers to make sure the 36-year-old received a copy.


Avril Flanagan with mum Barbara

Avril Flanagan with mum Barbara

Avril Flanagan with mum Barbara

The letter, describing how Barbara initially confused her daughter’s blood for a “red duvet” under the sofa at the killer’s Costa Blanca flat where he had wrapped her body in plastic and taped her “from head to toe”, said: “I just want you all to know what Alan Daulby did to Avril.

“She was only 20 years old and she was our only girl. She had two brothers who she adored.

“She was one of the sweetest and kindest people. She had her whole life ahead of her.

“She will never have her babies or a wedding. Alan Daulby took that all away from her and us.

“I just want you to know she was a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece and a friend, not just a victim.”

Avril’s brother David, speaking after being told the killer was was out of prison, added: “We as a family feel very let down by the UK justice system and the way this whole thing was handled, including the transfer.

“It's an absolute shambles that this evil, murdering thug is allowed back into society after his unspeakably heinous crime.

“It is a joke that at 36 years of age his life can restart while my sister is dead and we are left to pick up the pieces."


Alan Daulby is led away by Spanish police

Alan Daulby is led away by Spanish police

Alan Daulby is led away by Spanish police

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The British killer was remanded in prison hours after murdering ex-girlfriend Avril at his Costa Blanca flat on May 29, 2009.

The time he spent in jail before beginning July 2012 murder sentence automatically counted towards it, meaning he has been freed on licence just over halfway through the 19 year-term he was given by a court in Elche near Alicante - but only around eight years after he was first caged.

Avril worked as a barmaid at the pub her mum and bus engineer dad Gerry left Ireland in 2006 to open in Orihuela Costa near Alicante.

The pretty blonde broke up with Daulby around two weeks before he murdered her.

During the trial the court heard how he stalked her after she ended their year-long relationship and she broke her phone SIM card to stop taking calls from him.

He confessed to killing her at the end of his trial after more than three years of silence, but falsely claimed he had confused her with an intruder after binging on drink and drugs and panicking when he woke up to find her dead.

Judges called his attack on Avril, said to have suffered seven minutes of agony from the first time she was stabbed to the moment she died, “brutal and barbaric.”

They said in their ruling at the end of the murder trial Daulby had “taken pleasure in causing Avril additional suffering.”

The court heard he used a mop and bleach to wipe up Avril's blood after killing her with a kitchen knife, showered and changed clothes and tried to stuff her mutilated body into a suitcase before wrapping her in blankets and plastic sheeting.

He was arrested hours later 125 miles away after a police chase.

He was known to have been at Cardiff Prison after being transferred to the UK from jail in Spain in a move Avril’s family were kept in the dark about. Her devastated mum, Barbara, only found out about the move through a friend in March last year.

Former receptionist Barbara, who divides her time between Spain and Ireland, said earlier this year when she first discovered Daulby was going to get early release on licence: “I can’t believe he’s going to be let out because I feel he definitely could do this to another family. He’s still a young man.

“Just because the law says he can’t be kept in prison doesn’t mean it’s right.”

A Ministry Of Justice spokesman said: We understand the distress caused to victims when an offender is released and our sympathy is with the family of Avril Flanagan.

“Anyone released from prison faces strict licence conditions, such as curfews and exclusion zones, and can be returned to custody if they breach them.”

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