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'I just hope he never sees the light of day again for what he did...'

Tragic detective’s widow is sure gardaí will round-up rest of gang involved in Adrian Donohoe killing


Pleased: Ann McCabe is thankful that Brady received a 40-year sentence

Pleased: Ann McCabe is thankful that Brady received a 40-year sentence

Detective Jerry McCabe Photo: LIAM BURKE/PRESS 22

Detective Jerry McCabe Photo: LIAM BURKE/PRESS 22


Pleased: Ann McCabe is thankful that Brady received a 40-year sentence

The widow of slain Detective Garda Jerry McCabe has said she hopes Aaron Brady never sees the light of day again after being convicted of the murder of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe.

Brady is facing a 40-year sentence for the capital murder of Det Gda Donohoe, who he shot dead without warning during a robbery outside Lordship Credit Union on January 25, 2013.

The murder had echoes of the horrific killing of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe, who was shot dead without warning by the IRA during a botched robbery in Adare, Co. Limerick, 24 years ago.

Jerry’s widow, Ann, told the Sunday World yesterday that unlike what happened with her husband’s killers, she hopes Brady spends the rest of his life behind bars.

“I just hope he never sees the light of day again for what he did. They think they’re above the law. I hope they pick up the rest of them and I’m sure they will.”

She said she was very pleased to see the jury convict Brady and paid tribute to the gardaí involved in bringing him to justice.

“It was a wonderful conviction to be honest with you and well deserved. It was a long trial and I’d just like to congratulate all the guards and everyone involved in the investigation. They were wonderful to keep going. I would congratulate each and every one of them. It’s great.”

Ann said she is convinced gardaí will be able to bring the rest of the gang involved in Det Gda Donohoe’s murder to justice and urged those who have information to do the right thing and come forward.

“I would be 100pc sure they will get them. People will maybe look in their conscience and come forward and tell the Garda what they know. That would be a wonderful thing for them to do.

“The longer you go on the truth will come out and you will get justice.”

She said while seeing the gang brought to justice would bring some closure for Det Gda Donohoe’s widow Caroline, it will not bring back her husband.

“It will be closure for Caroline but she has a long life ahead of her without her lovely husband. It doesn’t bring him back but it is a well-deserved victory not alone for Caroline and her family but for all of An Garda Síochána.

“Caroline has a life sentence in front of her to live without her husband as do her lovely two children and her extended family and his family as well.”

Ann said the chilling intimidation of witnesses that took place during Brady’s trial reminded her of the intimidation of witnesses giving evidence in the trial of the four IRA men accused of Jerry McCabe’s killing.

“I didn’t read that much about the intimidation until the last few days. We had widespread intimidation in our case as well on the trial and that amongst other reasons, I guess – I don’t know – [was why] we got a conviction of manslaughter.”

Ann said she was pleased Brady will spend decades behind bars unlike the killers of her husband.

Det Gda McCabe and his colleague Ben O’Sullivan had been escorting a cash delivery run to Limerick post offices when they were ambushed by the IRA squad in Adare on June 7, 1996.

Their vehicle was rammed from behind by a stolen jeep before two masked men, one of whom was Kevin Walsh, jumped out and opened fire on the gardaí with AK47 assault rifles – killing Det Gda McCabe and critically injuring his colleague.

Four IRA men – Pearse McAuley, Jeremiah Sheehy, Michael O’Neill and Walsh – were convicted of manslaughter for Det Gda McCabe’s killing in 1999.

O’Neill received 11 years but was out within eight due to standard remission. Sheehy was sentenced to 12 years and was out after nine years. McAuley and Walsh were sentenced to 14 years and were both out after serving just 10 years. Two other men involved in the killing went on the run and never faced justice.

“We didn’t get that much justice as such. We got a conviction but that’s another story. There are two people still on the run where Jerry’s killing is concerned.

“It is horrendous but I don’t even think about them anymore. I try to get on with my life and my family. It would be great if they were brought back to face the rigours of the law.”

Ann said it sickens her to see killers walking free on parole in Ireland.

“Life should be life,” she said. “It’s ridiculous. Twelve years is too short. Life should be life. If you take the life of a human being you should do the time for the crime.”

Pearse McAuley spent just 10 years behind bars for Det Gda McCabe’s manslaughter but is now back behind bars after being sentenced to 12 years for an horrific attack on his estranged wife on Christmas Eve in 2014.

McAuley stabbed Pauline Tully McAuley 13 times with a knife and broke four of her fingers during the frenzied assault.