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Assassination Daniel Kinahan associate ordered motorcycle gang to kill as many as 50 people, trial hears

There was 'enough work for a whole period' main suspect Delano R allegedly told the witness


Ridouan Taghi, the crime boss who is alleged to be an ally of Daniel Kinahan

Ridouan Taghi, the crime boss who is alleged to be an ally of Daniel Kinahan

Ridouan Taghi, the crime boss who is alleged to be an ally of Daniel Kinahan

An associate of cartel boss Daniel Kinahan, Dutch mobster Ridouan Taghi, ordered a notorious motorcycle gang to kill as many as 50 people, key witness in his trial in the Netherlands has claimed. 

According to Tony de G, a key witness in the extensive assassination trial involving the motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh, there were about 50 names on a list of assassinations that had to be carried out.

So there was "enough work for a whole period", main suspect Delano R allegedly told the witness.

All but one of the names on that hit list is said to have come from alleged top criminal Ridouan Taghi.

Investigations by the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) established that Taghi was a prominent guest at Daniel Kinahan's wedding in Dubai in July 2017 while the Dutch criminal was on the run from police in his own country.

Taghi is currently in custody and on trial with 16 of his associates, who face accusations relating to six gangland murders in the Netherlands as well as drugs trafficking charges.

The Dutch-Moroccan organised-crime boss is alleged to have formed a European 'super-mafia' with Daniel Kinahan as well as senior criminals from Bosnia, Italy and Chile.

In 2019, Taghi made a public statement denying reports he had threatened to have renowned crime journalist Peter R de Vries killed.

Mr de Vries had been advising and acting as a confidant for a witness for Nabil B in the case against Taghi and his alleged associates when he was gunned down in Amsterdam in July.

One of the largest criminal trials in Dutch history got under way on Monday morning in the Bunker courthouse in an industrial estate in Amsterdam last week.

It involves the prosecution of 21 members of the Caloh Wagoh motorcycle gang for five murders and 11 attempted murders by ‘hit squads’ within the outlawed club between January and August 2017.

Delano R, the founder and leader of the group, is the main suspect who, according to the public prosecution service, accepted contracts from organised crime leaders, including drugs boss Taghi, to kill rivals and informants.

This, the Eris trial as it has been dubbed, is larger than the Marengo trial, another ongoing court case which focuses on Taghi’s organisation.

According to prosecutors, Caloh Wagoh had little regard for public safety as they carried out the murders.

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At one point they turned up to the wrong house with a rocket launcher but fortunately for the family living inside, the weapon malfunctioned.

The gang has been linked to a number of other serious crimes including one in 2018 when a Caloh Wagoh MC Main Triad member was arrested for firing an anti-tank missile at an office block housing the Panorma and Nieuwe Revu magazines.

They are also thought to be responsible for a fully equipped torture chamber that was discovered in a freight container in Brabant last year.

The Eris trial in the extra-security court in Amsterdam-Oosdorp will hear how the Public Prosecution Service believe Delano R acted as a kind of "murder broker".

He is said to have accepted assassination orders and then distributed them within the motorcycle club.

However, lawyers for various suspects have raised serious doubts about the statements of the key witness and their reliability. In his own words, De G. "played with his cards completely open" in his statements and "spared no one".

De G. turned witness after he was arrested in Spain for the murder of Jair Wessels, who was shot dead in Breukelen in July 2017.

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