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Cartel in hot water CRIME “godfather” Christy Kinahan facing substantial jail time

CRIME “godfather” Christy Kinahan is facing substantial jail time and has been charged with passport fraud in a Spanish Court.

The convicted drug dealer, who has now passed control of his €1 billion global crime empire to his eldest son Daniel, is now in exile in Dubai.

Kinahan faces a maximum prison sentence of up to three years and a fine if convicted, however Spanish authorities have dropped other charges of money laundering and membership of a criminal gang.

The “Dapper Don’s” two sons Daniel and Christopher junior had been facing a string of criminal charges however, Spanish state prosecutors have sensationally dropped the case.

Daniel was named in the Irish High Court in 2018 as a senior player in organised crime on a global scale despite having no criminal convictions.

And he was at the centre of an international controversy earlier this year when he was identified as the advisor who masterminded boxer Tyson Fury’s lucrative two-fight deal with Anthony Joshua.

He and his brother have had the threat of long prison sentences hanging over their heads for more than a decade in Spain after they were arrested by heavily-armed police at their Costa del Sol homes as part of a five-nation operation against organised crime.

Today it was confirmed the money laundering and criminal association facets of the criminal investigation had been dropped in the Estepona Court.

Christy Kinahan along with two other men, Robert Edward Phillips and James Gregory Naughton, have been charged with passport fraud.

Jasvinder Singh Kamoo, said to have played a key money laundering role by police investigators in a report highlighted by the Spanish press in their initial coverage of the case after the arrests, has been charged with using fake number plates on a Mercedes.

And a fifth man, Ross Gerard Browning, has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.

The court decision to charge Christy Kinahan was made at the same time his two sons were told the case against them was being dropped and the written ruling with the details has been sent to state prosecutors.

The long-running court case was sparked by the Operation Shovel arrests which were made in thanks to close cooperation with the Gardai.

The written court ruling admitted that there is no watertight case against Kinehan over money laundering.

However, it did claim that there were "reasonable grounds” to suspect they formed part of a gang specialising in making sure dirty money from drugs and weapons trafficking appeared legitimate.

The feud between the Kinahans and the rival Hutch gang has dominated the underworld for over five years.

One of the bloodiest feuds in Irish history, the gangland war has been blamed for the loss of 18 lives including that of innocent tourist Trevor O’Neill who was shot dead in Majorca in 2016.

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