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Covid conspiracy theorist wanted for assault claims politicians will be "rounded up"

Man says nobody has died from Covid and that people will die five years after getting the jab

Fergal Sheehy at his home in Dundalk

Alan Sherry

A conspiracy theorist who is actively wanted by gardaí over an alleged assault has made bizarre claims that he believes Leo Varadkar was replaced by an actor and the army are going to round up politicians and reveal the truth.

A warrant was issued last year for the arrest of Dundalk man Fergal Sheehy after he failed to turn up in court to face charges of assaulting a security guard in Liffey Valley shopping centre who told him to wear a mask.

Sheehy (42), from Aisling Park, Cox's Demesne, was also due in court in Dundalk District Court earlier this month over a separate matter after he was arrested at a shrine during Covid restrictions and refused to give Gardaí his name. He once again failed to attend court and was convicted in his absence and fined.

Asked if he intended to pay the fine when we called to his home this week, he told the Sunday World: "That judge will end up in jail. That's what will happen to that judge, right. Do you understand Covid doesn't exist?"

Sheehy, who has dozens of convictions for offences, including an assault on a care worker, ranted on a host of conspiracies ranging from Covid is a hoax, world leaders sacrifice babies and Leo Varadkar is being played by an actor to 9/11 was a hoax, there are secret tunnels being used by the shadowy elite in Dundalk and that Russia hasn't invaded Ukraine.

Sheehy took pictures of our reporter and called him a "f**king clown" during the bizarre rant before eventually slamming the door after being challenged a number of times on his views.

He was due up in Dundalk District Court just over a week ago charged with breaching Covid public health regulations on January 31 last year.

The court heard Sheehy was part of a large group gathered at St Brigid's Shrine, Upper Faughart, Co. Louth, on the day.

A garda told the court Sheehy pushed past him and started shouting after he asked him for his details. The garda tried to arrest him but Sheehy broke his grip. He resisted arrest but was eventually taken in.

Judge Eirinn McKiernan convicted Sheehy in his absence and fined him €200.

He remains wanted by Gardaí in Dublin after failing to attend a separate court hearing at Blanchardstown District Court in Dublin in June last year. It was alleged he assaulted a security guard in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre who asked him to put on a mask.

Asked if he was aware there was a warrant for his arrest, he replied: "That wasn't assault. I was approached by security men in my face telling me to put on a mask while standing here in my face. Those masks 100 per cent don't work."

Leo Varadkar 'replaced by an actor'

He claims he did turn up to court on those charges last year but security wouldn't let him in after he tried to issue them with pseudo-legal documents accusing people of war crimes.

He said he also tried to attend his case in Dundalk earlier this month but claims he left after being verbally abused by a staff member.

"[He was] telling me to f*** off. I was walking into the court to attend the case. I walked out."

He said the guards should know his name by now as he has been arrested so many times.

"They said I refused to give my name. I have had 40 charges up there for public order on a Saturday night, intoxicated in public place."

He was also convicted of assaulting a care worker in the Tusla offices in Dundalk in 2015 and sentenced to five months. He appealed and the sentence was reduced to four months with two suspended.

Sheehy went through a litany of conspiracy theories when we spoke to him this week and claimed he had top sources who were previously involved in government who tipped him off to the truth.

One of his bizarre claims is that he refuses to believe Leo Varadkar is Leo Varadkar.

"Leo Varadkar went to America in 2017, he didn't come back," he said.

"I don't know who is acting as Leo Varadkar now but Leo Varadkar didn't come back in 2017."

He went onto make even more outlandish baseless claims about world leaders.

"All the top world leaders sacrifice children. All these leaders in all these countries have to be involved in a sacrifice to become a leader. That's the blackmail. It's 100 per cent true.

"I know everything that's going on. I know the evil in this country is at a high level. This is the holy land, by the way, and in my family crest is the symbol of Christ, and my family crest is linked to St Brigid's shrine right."

He added the nurses, doctors, scientists, politicians, the media, Gardaí, judges and many others were all involved in range of conspiracies together.

"I have contacts. I knew about everything before it even started. I knew about Covid before it even started."

He also said he knew the truth about Covid because he had been in the Order of Malta.

"I was in Order of Malta so I know a bit about the human body. There is a lot of things in the whole Covid thing that don't add up."

Asked if he thought being in the Order of Malta meant he had more knowledge of what Covid did to people's bodies over all the doctors and scientists dealing with Covid, he said: "One hundred per cent because I spent a year in [the Order of Malta]. It wasn't just a first-aid course. I saved lives.

"I learnt everything about the human body. You can't any learn anymore that what you can learn about the human body. It stops there. You can only learn so much."

In another outrageous claim he said he thinks everyone who had the vaccine will be dead in five years and believes no one has died from Covid because it doesn't exist.

He also believes the Irish military and going to take over the country and arrest all the politicians.

"There's another lockdown coming, military lockdowns and this time the people involved in the Covid scam are going to be arrested, government officials, medical people, they're all going to be lifted for crimes against humanity.

"They're covering up everything - the Government. When the next lockdown comes and all the dirty dogs in this country are rounded up then the truth is going to start coming out and then the justice is going to happen."

Asked if he planned to act as judge, jury and executioner in this new Ireland, he said: "It's all military operations. That's what has to happen."

The conversation finally ended when he started ranting about how Russian aren't attacking Ukraine.

"They're not you f****ng clown," he shouted before slamming his door.

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