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irate state Woman (25) 'saw red' and regrets kicking cop and claiming she took 20 E-tablets

Adrianne Laird was handed a 12-month probation order instead of prison


Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird


Adrianne Laird

A woman who kicked a cop right in his 'batons' but avoided jail this week has claimed she had called the police for help.

Adrianne Laird says she "deeply regrets" the shocking incident but says she "saw red" when police she had called to eject a man from her flat instead arrested her when he made an allegation she'd assaulted him.

The 25-year-old went berserk with police as they tried to arrest her and she then falsely claimed she'd swallowed 20 ecstasy tablets so police had to take her to a hospital for an X-ray.

Laird, from Glenarm Road in Larne - who had a completely clear criminal record until the disturbing incident three months ago - was handed a 12-month probation order instead of prison after admitting two assaults on a police officer and being disorderly in a hospital.


Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

After leaving court she spoke to Sunday World and admitted her behaviour had been "embarrassing" but stressed how disappointed she was with the PSNI.

"It was really embarrassing and completely out of character," she explained to us. "There was no excuse for the way I behaved. I'm not that type of person.

"I just saw red because I'd called the police to protect me and they ended up arresting me."

Adrianne says she had been involved in an altercation with a man earlier in the day which had continued at her flat and called the PSNI for help.

"He threw away my keys and then he refused to leave my flat.

"I only knew him a couple of weeks but I just lost it when he made an allegation I'd assaulted him and the police decided to arrest me.

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"I'd been drinking so I wasn't able to explain to the police what had happened properly.

"I just wanted this guy out of my flat and he wouldn't leave so I called the police thinking they would support me."

She claimed: "Women are told to report stuff like that and I thought I'd be okay but instead I was arrested and as they were dragging me into the police van, this guy is standing at my open flat door waving and smirking at me."

Adrianne says she's taken action to change her life and address her alcohol issues.

"I just wanted this guy out of my flat and he wouldn't go," she said.

"I know it was completely wrong and I completely regret my behaviour but I just couldn't believe what was happening to me."

During a sentence hearing at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday, it emerged how she had called police to her flat and when they arrived they found her in an "irate" state.

When they tried to arrest her she lunged at one officer and kicked him in the groin after she had been pushed during the fracas.

She continued to shout at police and limb restraints were needed to stop her kicking out in the police van.

But she told police she had taken 20 ecstasy pills and police took her to Antrim Area Hospital where she was continued to be disorderly and swore in front of other patients.

She struck the officer again after asking for a glass of water and she says she told the police she had made up the claim about taking ecstasy.

"Of course, I hadn't taken 20 Es," she told us. "I just didn't want to go to a police cell.

"I had to come clean and say 'sorry' to the police eventually, but they said they still had to get me X-rayed as a precaution.

"It was a traumatic day all round and I ended up spending a night in the cells which was really scary, it's not something I've ever done before or want to do again."


Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

Adrianne Laird

A defence solicitor explained in court how his client had no criminal record and had become distressed when police arrived and a man had made a claim that she had become violent and damaged a plate.

"She failed to articulate to police what had happened but she makes no dispute about the charges and is apologetic," he said.

He added how she was deemed a low level risk of reoffending and was taking measures to deal with alcohol issues.

Adrianne explained to the Sunday World: "I suffer from anxiety and mental health issues. I'm trying to get on the right track. I'm a changed person.

"It has also made me see things differently regarding the police. I really do think they could have handled this better.

"I'm not denying what I did, I know it was completely out of order but they could have been better.

"At the end of the day I went to them for help and didn't get it."


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